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    I just cannot work this out! help please

    I really don't think it's anything to do with Airport. I'm using first-generation plain old Airport which I've been using with no problems for three years right up until Panther. There's definitely something wrong with the way in which Panther deals with downloads as the problem is still there...
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    I just cannot work this out! help please

    Hello I'm Kriz105's friend (helleau) with the same problem. I'm running Panther on a 700Mhz ibook with airport. I found this on usenet which exactly describes my problem. It's definitely not just me and Chris: > For some reason I'm unable to download files from the internet. I do not > have...
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    10.0.1 update in the UK?

    I just went to update my software using software update expecting to get 10.0.1. All i got was version 1.3.1 of the updater itself. I've tried updating again but the 10.0.1 update isn't there. Is this because it's only been released to US servers or something? has anyone in the UK had any...
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    Slowness due to optimization bug?

    Well i installed the dev tools last night. It showed an "optimizing your system" message at the end of the installation... and it is indeed a little bit more responsive - windows opening quicker. Clicking buttons is more responsive. Apps may be a little faster in loading although I'm not...
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    Slowness due to optimization bug?

    I've read on that some users (mostly iBooks and older G3s) are experiencing very slow performance. They say it's due to an optimization bug in the istallation process for OSX. When you are installing it *should* optimize the OS for your particular computer but actually it...
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    Network problems

    When I try to connect to my network I can only see 2 of the other Macs (there should be a server and about 10 other Macs). Is there anything I can do in the network control panel to fix this? jonnyb iBook Rev A, 96 RAM, 2 partitions