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    convert mbox to entourage format?

    I'm looking to convert's mbox storage of my email to Entourage format. Supposedly, Entourage can import mbox format, but it's not happening. (I'm using the latest versions of - OS X - and Entourage - Office 2001 with the latest update). I can't find a way to export...
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    No support for PPPoE DSL connections

    I went to, downloaded and installed PPPoE, configured my OSX environment -- followed the instructions meticulously. In 5 minutes, I was up and running. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
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    Java with IE 5.5?

    I can't seem to get Java applets to run in IE 5.5. First, you have to go ot preferences for IE and turn on Java. You get a message that says Java support is still experimental (I guess Microsoft *still* considers it an experiment). Anyway, proceeding, I can't get Java applets to run and load in...