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    Applications not Visible under OS X & Network Trouble

    I renamed my partitions, re-installed OS X and now I have Applications that work. Thank you for the help. Now if we can just get OS X to access the internet via our Router all would be well. Thanks again! Brian
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    Always good advice. Please remember to be kind to those of us who still can't get online under OS X since many of the help files download from Apple when selected. Best, B.
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    Applications not Visible under OS X & Network Trouble

    Thank you. I do have a partition called "Applications". I''ll try your work around. Thank you. P.S. I am sure that the OS is NOT on the first 8 Gigs of my HD. Is there some documentation that requires this? Thanks too.
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    Hmmm.... Where to start??

    You probably already know this but that Option key on restart trick only works if OS 9 & OS X are on separate partitions. Best of luck, B.
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    PPoE and OS X

    I wouldn't purchase the router just yet either. We have a HW Router with a built in DHCP server and while it serves up and I.P. & Router address to the Mac OS X PB machine, the mac still will not get online. Best of luck. B.
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    Connecting with AppleTalk

    According to the booklet that came with Mac OS X PB you must enable File Sharing over TCP/IP in OS 9 in irder to communicate back and forth between OS 9 & OS X PB computers. If it still doesn't work for you don't get too frustrated... I haven't been able to get it to work either. Actually...
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    MacOsX password

    When this happened to me I did some snooping. I finally decided to just remove OS X & re-install. If you attempt to delete all of OS X PB files while running OS 9 you will still have 300-450MB of "invisible files" left. I had to erase my partition and re-instal the Public Beta and start...
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    Applications not Visible under OS X & Network Trouble

    The following is a copy of the message I sent to apple. If anyone else has experienced these problems or has solutions please let me know in your reply. I hope this info helps the overall user community. ------- Greetings, I received and installed the Mac OS X Public Beta on one of my...