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  1. Crimson Spell

    Which pricing model is the best?

    So, which one of the pricing models is right for your business? It depends on several factors, and the size of a software project is surely not one of them. You may address a Drupal development services company to build a business website (which, logically, should be a Fixed Price contract) and...
  2. Crimson Spell

    how to manage remote team

    I've signed a contract with software development company. And to tell the truth I am a bit nervous. (about my money, my project, timelines)What are the best practices do you know that can help me manage my remote ream or what advice can you give?
  3. Crimson Spell

    Developers from which country do you prefer and why?

    Now I am working with Ukrainian company. They are developing an app for my business. I don't have a big experience in software development and I’m not a tech person at all but I'm satisfied with their work. Don’t be afraid to try something new) Btw, you can read this article probably it can...