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    apple script

    I don't know much about apple scripts so I could use some help. I have a few labs of macs running tiger. I am looking for a script to delete the local profiles so I can run it either as a logoff script or run it from time to time using ARD. My server that manages the Mac labs is a Leopard...
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    disable save picture as desktop on tiger

    well thanks for trying any way. I will keep looking for a solution.
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    disable save picture as desktop on tiger

    They don't have acccess to the System Preferences it's set not to show up at all. what they have been doing is for ie go on the web find a picture and right click on a picture and select save picture as desktop. all macs authenicate throught AD. So they should be just standard users...they...
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    disable save picture as desktop on tiger

    I have a mac lab that is managed by workgroup manager on a mac server. Do you know of a way to disable the right click and save image as desktop picture. I have students that keep changing the desktop background. I haven't found a way to disable it. I have it setup so they can't get to any of...
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    WorkGroup Manager

    I cant seam to add 2 computers it says they allreday exist they don't seam to be any where. I even followed this help from apple's website I am using Leapors server it's very fustrating
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    Netboot problems

    Ok so I am trying to get netboot working right it was setup by some one else as I don’t know much about it. I think he might have missed a few things. It brings up the netboot screen but I get the following errors • The source configuration specified in preference is not available or...
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    unable to add computers to workgroup manager

    Ok so I am trying to add a computer to workgroup manager on Leapord server. But it says the name already exists. I don’t see the computer any where listed. I am using open directory to manage mac labs usernames and password are taken care of by AD. I went to apples help page and it says to...