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    Can Apple Hardware Test fail to detect a dead harddrive?

    Hello, I am having all kinds of problems with my computer since installing a recommended update a week and a half ago. I cannot fully restart it, cannot make repairs with disk utility, and cannot reinstall OS X to the harddrive volume because it doesn't list any available volumes. My hardware...
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    Mac OSX 10.4 Update Problem -> then Re-Install Problem

    Thanks for responding. I have heard that Disk Warrior is a good program but I don't want to spend more than the price of a replacement hard drive just to determine that I do indeed need a replacement hard drive.... Does anyone have any other ideas? Any tricks with the OS X disk I should attempt...
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    Mac OSX 10.4 Update Problem -> then Re-Install Problem

    Hello, I have a Intel Core 2 Duo MacBook that I bought in July of 2007. I update the software regularly and generally take good care of my computer. Last week, I saw that I had several updates waiting to download and install, clicked the one that seemed most pressing - something related to...