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    apple script

    I don't know much about apple scripts so I could use some help. I have a few labs of macs running tiger. I am looking for a script to delete the local profiles so I can run it either as a logoff script or run it from time to time using ARD. My server that manages the Mac labs is a Leopard...
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    disable save picture as desktop on tiger

    I have a mac lab that is managed by workgroup manager on a mac server. Do you know of a way to disable the right click and save image as desktop picture. I have students that keep changing the desktop background. I haven't found a way to disable it. I have it setup so they can't get to any of...
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    WorkGroup Manager

    I cant seam to add 2 computers it says they allreday exist they don't seam to be any where. I even followed this help from apple's website I am using Leapors server it's very fustrating
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    Netboot problems

    Ok so I am trying to get netboot working right it was setup by some one else as I don’t know much about it. I think he might have missed a few things. It brings up the netboot screen but I get the following errors • The source configuration specified in preference is not available or...
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    unable to add computers to workgroup manager

    Ok so I am trying to add a computer to workgroup manager on Leapord server. But it says the name already exists. I don’t see the computer any where listed. I am using open directory to manage mac labs usernames and password are taken care of by AD. I went to apples help page and it says to...