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    Only Firefox connects to the Internet

    Yes it's basically the same thing but using a different path. Nice to know I could help!
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    Only Firefox connects to the Internet

    Hi, My problem was that I was using proxies. To see if your proxies are all disabled, go in system preferences/network/advanced/proxies, uncheck everything and press ok. That might solve your issue.
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    Only Firefox connects to the Internet

    Ok I found my problem; one of my program created a proxy connection and because it force quit, it stayed on unconnected. Because of that, all the browsers and program that can connect to proxies did not work. Firefox doesn't so it worked. Thanks anyway guys
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    Only Firefox connects to the Internet

    Hi everyone! I have a little trouble trying to connect to the Internet using Safari/Chrome, messenger and others. The only browser that works now is Firefox. also, when I ping a site in terminal, it works fine. The problem might come from Mamp, which is a php/mysql server simulator...
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    Hide menu bar in VMware Fusion

    Hi there! I was wondering if there was a way to hide the menu bar when the cursor reaches the top of the screen so that it won't pop out? Thanks!
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    no localhost in MAMP

    Try this: Click on the server tab in Mamp. click on the select MySQL root password. create one; for the example I'll call it "password", then, your php code must start like this: <?php mysql_connect("localhost", "root", "password"); mysql_select_db("your_database"); /* php code...