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    imovie sound problem

    i have a iMac and i am using the cable supplied with the camera to do the transfer which i believe to be a USB cable
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    imovie sound problem

    i have a JVC Everio camcorder and when ever i try and upload a movie into imovie 08 the picture is there but the sound is not. What should I do?
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    Help with Battle net Warcraft!

    my friend has a PC and i can't seem to make a warcraft battle net custom game with him. whenever i type in the game name an press enter, it says that i can't find the game and that the creator may have quit the game. please help!
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    i need help with starcraft campaign editor!

    Does the starcraft campaign editor work on Mac? whenever i click on the icon for the campaign editor, it says that an unexpected error occurred and i can't open the program.