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    bootstrap_look_up() failed (ipc/send) invalid destination port

    bootstrap_look_up() failed (ipc/send) invalid destination port I'm getting this error from the Sendmail SMTP server. When this happens, it can't recognize local users (RCPT TO: user, user unknown) Any ideas?
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    Defaults Trouble

    When I first installed, I set the TerminalOpaqueness like this: defaults write TerminalOpaqueness .5 Now, if I type the same with a different value, nothing changes. defaults read TerminalOpaqueness reports the new value, but the windows don't...
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    Never had problems with this on PB, but I've got the final now and it's really frustrating me. Sendmail won't start. It keeps telling me that /etc/mail/local-host-names is in a group writable directory. Changing the permissions doesn't do a thing. This question has been posted before, but...
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    Final Install Problems

    Well, I got the final and installed it on the second half of my 6 GB hard drive. (iMac.) Won't boot to the second partition AT ALL, even when I choose it with the Startup Disk utility. Nice job, Apple. Will try installing on first half now...
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    Developer CD install probs

    Every time I try to install the Developer tools, it immediately fails and reports that it "can't write bom to path." Has anyone else had this problem? I've opened up permissions both in the directory that the installer resides and the root directory ("/") Help? Patrick