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    10.8.5 startup chime and other questions

    Macpro quad core , I was told the chime at start up signals the end of the ram check and things are dandy. I heard very soft chimes initially and then none for some time now. I use macs for audio recording so I am aware of how audio is routed and at what leve,l at any given time on my mac. I...
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    Repeated failure to boot, sluggish opening of email files and other wierdness

    G5 dualie 2 gigahertz, 4 gig ram OS 10.5.8. I have done all possible disc maintenance via disc utility but I haven't reinstalled the OS. Many times a day instead of the normal snappy, for me anyway, behavior it's replaced buy the circling dashes for maybe 20 seconds, I haven't timed it...
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    Changes in the way H.D. and other pages are displayed

    Hello I'm running 10.5.8 on a motorola dually. Seemingly out of nowhere the general appearance of the hard drive and other pages are displayed has changed. I can't find a way to get back to my normal old mac appearance. It began w/a large black screen appearing at the top of the safari and...
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    HD to HD data transfer

    I need to move 680 gigabites of data to another hard drive. What is the best/fastest method. Disk image or ?? Thanks for your time. Ron
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    url and cache problem OS X.5.8

    I frequently buy music classes from an online vendor. Twice, with several months in between, I have clicked on one of his links in an email after a purchase and instead of my purchase, I'm looking at a down load page with 40 or more of his classes on it and ready to download. He is tilling me I...
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    Y does FF look like an 80 browser on my mac

    That's it in a nut shell. My mac is a motorola G5 2 Gigahertz, 4.5 gigs of ram. A modest system by today's standards. But safari has never run well on it. Firefox is even worse. It's just boxes and text and the text never fits in the boxes, the boxed sometimes overlap making pages a mess...
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    Chrome doesn't like my architecture

    I'm trying to install Chrome for 10.5.8. With some great help from some of our members, I learned how to get rid of preview on my desktop so my .pdf icons appear unique and not like very other file on my d.t. Could this be what Chrome install is referring to when it doesn't like my...
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    What happened to my red pdf icon

    Running 10.5.8 on the last motorola 2 gigahertz puter. The finder has stopped displaying the pdf file icon on the desktop. I have several pdf files on the desktop and a few days ago it displayed them the old way for about a half second then redrew the desk out the red color on those files. Can...
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    Desktop/Safari questions

    OS X.4.1.1 G5 2.0 4 gig ram. I turned off snap to grid and now my hard drive icons won't stay in upper right corner if I restart. With it on it began to change the location of icons from where I droped them even tho it was in a columb of icons that had been there for months. Is there a...
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    Email odity

    Motorola G5 3.0 OS X.4.1.1 4 gig ram 7200 rpm hd. In osx email program there is often a delay in opening a new msg. or reply window. What would be some things to look into? Permissions? RB desktop? Ron
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    other mac os x forums

    Are there any that aren't trying to strike it rich by sticking offensive commercials in everyone's emails. [ All comercials/ marketing is offensive ] I know they are from screwgle but this fourm must be allowing them here to get money for nothing. I don't like being exposed to hype of any kind...
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    screen capture

    I must be doing something wrong in my searches. I never find the subject I search for even if I use quotes or and between the string elements. So I wold like to know how one does a capture of a screen from safari. I know this question has been asked often. There are lots of hits all containing...
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    G5 dualie energy use

    Anyone know how much juice this computer draws when it is doing nothing [that I know of] and the monitor is off? How about when it's asleep compared to processor busy tasks like recording audio for instance? Is there a key command to put it nity nite? I have screen savor and sleep pretty much...
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    Fire fox question

    Hope this isn't considered off topic. I have fire fox for a few years. I seldom use it because I do not what to spend an hour absorbing all the hype about fire fox to find out how to make it look like a modern browser. It looks like something from the 90's. Every thing is displayed minus images...
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    start up led and date msg

    The one above the on off switch used to light when I booted the `puter. Running G5 dual 2 ghz. Now sometimes it doesn't light at all or comes on initially then goes off. These may not be related but again fairly randomly I often get a msg. saying I need to set date and time as they are...
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    Can't get rid of black square and dumb computer voice

    The voice is describing every window I open and whatever I put the mouse on. I have turned off apple and unchecked everything I can find with speech. I have rebuilt desktop a few days ago. And today after resetting pram I started getting the voice and black square around selections or this...