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    Make RSS Widget?

    Ok, exactly what the title is. I would like to make an rss widget, and I am not sure exactly how to do it. I have visited apple's website and a bunch of other websites, but I am still unable to create a working rss widget. Any help would be great! I know that my question is not specific, but...
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    Ram Modules can be mixed?

    Ok, I searched on this, and could not find a definite answer. I have a powerbook g4 aluminum 15 inch (low res version). I purchased it with 1gb ram (2*512). If I purchased a 1gb module, is it possible to replace one of the 512 modules with the 1gb? Then have a total combined ram of 1gb+512? Thanks!
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    External hard drives - G-Tech

    Ok, so I recently purchased a G-Tech G-Drive. I have to say, great design, but this thing is unbearably loud! I opened it up to find out that the hard drive is mounted with aluminum brackets, no rubber cusioning anywhere! Does anyone know of a comparable hard drive that looks good, but is quiet...
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    Testing RAID Mirror

    I have 2 usb drives mirroring each other, how do I test that they are working properly? Also, I accidentally started without one drive powered on, now it is trying to rebuild the mirror, and it is taking forever, is this normal? On a separate question, I recently ran YASU (cleans up log...
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    Simple Graphics program?

    I hope this isnt a repeat post, I searched but did not come up with anything. I am creating widgets for myself that takes the rss feeds off of websites (such as this one). I have a background that I got with permission from someone else to modify for my own usage, right now it has a purple...
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    multiple screen saver folders?

    Why is there one in system-library, and one in library? I have some screen savers that i would like to install for all users. The weird thing is no matter where I put those screen savers, they show up on both accounts. Also, where are other folders such as Applications, utilities, widgets, and...