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    Wanadoo Livebox

    Having an issue with accessing the internet itself. Since Wanadoo are adament that they cannot provide technical support for OS X I (mr computer illiterate) am having to sort it out. To the point (please excuse the lack of technical know-how): My iBook recognises the livebox (full signal)...
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    Recognising Internet Settings

    Further to my earlier question, it now emerges that all the information required to connect to the interst (WEP password) is all contained in preferred networks, yet everytime I turn on the iBook it will not automatically connect to these settings and I have to go via network diagnostics to...
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    After a recent Airport software update, it will no longer automatically recognise my Wanadoo Livebox. Does anyone know how I can rectify this? More: it can 'find' the Wanadoo Livebox, but will not link my WEP key with it, so I have to enter the WEP key every time I turn the computer on...