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  1. ddma

    What Happens To My Win XP Desktop???

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    Aqua Safari

  3. ddma

    Aqua Safari

  4. ddma

    iTMS & .Mac mail are down!

    iTMS & .Mac mail are down.
  5. ddma

    Anyone at MWSF04 tried iPhoto 4?

    I really looking forward to iPhoto 4. Anyone at MWSF04 tried it? How's the performance? Is it really improved?
  6. ddma

    New iMac 20" and PowerMac Dual 1.8 GHz

    Apple Store is down now.
  7. ddma

    Power Mac G4 Dual 1.25GHz > PowerBook G4 1.25GHz

    I am thinking of going for the PowerBook G4 1.25Ghz SuperDrive from my PowerMac G4 dual 1.25Ghz Combo drive! Any idea?
  8. ddma

    Apple iPod's new Ad campign copies other's idea?
  9. ddma

    G5 is shipping now!

    Long time no see guys!
  10. ddma

    AddressBook quits on launched in 7B21

    Do you have the same problem?
  11. ddma

    All-code patch for PowerBook 12 inch/XServe Combo Drive (CW-8122)

    It's RPC-1! Enjoy! :cool:
  12. ddma

    New eMac <-- I'm Fast :)
  13. ddma

    Safari Beta 2 (v73) officially out!

    Check out Apple website or Software Update preference!
  14. ddma

    Use your Bluetooth phone to remote control your Mac!!

    Hey this application is great: I can remote control my Mac via my Bluetooth phone - T68i! I can use my phone to remote Keynote, PowerPoint, iTunes, and even activate screen saver when the phone is out of range from my PowerBook :D
  15. ddma

    Kung Hei Fat Choy!

    It's Chinese New Year. I bet you guys don't know that much :D Just to wish you guys have a nice day! Check out my website