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  1. Sirtovin

    No Word on..

    There has been no word about Bootcamp and Vista... Sure you can go to any Apple Fourm and find an install fix for it... but there is no Word yet from Apple if Bootcamp and Vista will work... Plus to make things more hellish... Vista comes in several flavors... All Expensive too... So Which...
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    Possible new Apple Logo?

    Recently I saw an Ipod Commercial... It looked like a Cartoon... but you could clearly see them using the Ipod... Well at the end I saw the Apple logo... and it was Red... Now I am no expert on Apple Logo's... but I thought it was grey... Not Red... Has anyone else seen this Ipod Commercial?
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    Vista Stinks... Here's Why...

    Why would I want to pay over 200 dollars for an upgrade or worse pay 400 dollars for ultimate when I could buy a new PC for 400 dollars or save another 200 dollars and get another PC... I have also heard that Vista is STILL incomplete... It was suppose to incorporate WINFS... But noo... They...
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    IPAD coming out along with an IPhone This link contains information... which I believe maybe credible.
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    Rise of Nations Gold on Intel-Mac

    Even with the patch it is laggy... since its not a universal patch... :(
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    Funniest Scene you liked from: Pirates of Silicon Valley

    I loved it when Steve said to Bill... WHY ARE YOU STEALING FROM ME!!!!!
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    Leopard, BootCamp and Vista?

    I am not sure if this is the right thread to post this hypothetical question here... Bear with me please... The Question: Will Leopard through its bootcamp run Windows Vista? or are they keeping bootcamp strictly for Windows XP? The reason why I ask is because I know that alot people...
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    Looking for a PDA?

    I am looking to buy a PDA... I was looking at the PALM PDA's... But since the salesman couldn't answer simple things like? Does it Work on Apple? How do I get Software for it etc? I am stuck with wanting to get a PDA but not knowing what to get? Any Suggestions from the Die Hard Apple users...
  9. Sirtovin

    I should of...

    Hello all, Recently I got an Intel-Imac 20", with 2gigs of memory... I recently called the local apple store in the hopes to upgrade the graphics card from 128mb to 256mb... they told me it can't be done unless you ordered directly from apple the machine... I am sadden I should have got it...
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    Microsoft Doesn't Care about Apple...

    This is my opinion... I am a Switcher... Been a PC user from Windows 3.11 till Windows XP... I've seen alot of change in the PC industry since I have sold Computers and their parts... When the average Customer goes into places such as Best Buy, Circuit City, CompUsa, or any place that actively...
  11. Sirtovin

    Will Bootcamp load Vista in 10.5

    This is the million dollar question... I know from my Beta 2 experiece it doesn't like to run right now on my IMAC... :P So maybe Bootcamp will work with it when 10.5 comes out... Any Comments are Welcome.
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    Need Cheap editing Photo Program

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    .Mac and AV Questions

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    Best OS X Web Browser? Question?

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    World of Warcraft on Intel-Mac?

    Has anyone at all played World of Warcraft on their new Intel-Mac? If so how is it running? What are your specs? (did you up the memory?) I am thinking about getting the IMac 20" and upping the memory to 2gig... I want to know what you all think?
  16. Sirtovin

    Intel-IMac 20" Questions?

    The other day I went into the Apple Store here where I live... I was deeply inpressed by the IMac 20"... I was so tempted to buy it on the spot to spend the 2000... (Whoaa... wait... 2000 you said?) Yeah... Tax... and 3year warrenty.. its priced at $1769... without cordless mouse and...
  17. Sirtovin

    How Do I Dual Boot a Mac-Mini?

    I am thinking on purchasing the MacMini Duo... the 1.66Ghz model... on Apples site... I understand that with Bootcamp it is possible to install Windows XP, and have a dual-boot soultion between operating systems... My question is complex... but maybe not to some of you... The Question I pose...
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    Why couldn't Apple go With AMD?

    I watched the news today and to my dismay Apple has gone with Intel. The pros are there finally... for Apple... but so are the cons... Pros... 1. Apple prices will go down hopefully with the shift to Intel. 2. Apple will become backward compatible more friendly with Windoze... M$. 3...