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  1. phatsharpie

    Linux now surpasses Mac OS in terms of market-share... Apparently Linux now surpasses Mac OS in terms of market-share. I don't think this means anything major really, and since OS X is basically a *NIX variant, I think it's a good thing. But it is still interesting. -B
  2. phatsharpie

    Chimera programmer feeling way down...

    Sorry, maybe this isn't the most correct forum for this... I was reading Mike Pinkerton's blog, and it sounds like he is feeling way down and unsure about Chimera's future. If you don't know who Mike Pinkerton is, he is the lead programmer for Chimera. Below if captured from his blog... I...
  3. phatsharpie

    Apple has gone shopping?,2444,35749,00.html
  4. phatsharpie

    Tropico - the worst Mac OS X port ever!

    I just bought Tropico for the Mac today, and I am very disappointed. Despite having a machine far more powerful than the requirements, the game is simply unplayable. The animation is choppy (even with all the options turned off), and the game paused every other minute as if thinking. It's an...
  5. phatsharpie

    5R60 - a unique build number?

    Just noticed that my DVI TiBook's 10.1.4 has a build number of 5R60... Is this a unique build number? I don't remember seeing this build before...
  6. phatsharpie

    My Birthday Present for Myself!!!

    Since I am going back to school to get my Masters in two months, I decided it's a good time to trade up from my iBook to a more powerful machine that could last me for two years. So I ponied up the cash and got myself a new DVI PowerBook G4. I drove like a madman to the nearest Apple Store this...
  7. phatsharpie

    New TiBook - no more IR port?

    Sis anyone else notice that the IR port on the PowerBook G4 is gone? I guess now we have BlueTooth it's not that big of a deal, but still, it was pretty handy for syncing Palms on the run. -B
  8. phatsharpie

    AppleWorks update! -B
  9. phatsharpie

    Please upgrade PowerBook's LCD resolution!!!

    Hey Apple, I think it's about time for upgrading the resolution on PowerBook's LCD. Most high end notebooks on the PC side have SXGA+ resolutions. What's the point of having a 15.2" LCD when it does little better than XGA. If you refuse to include the higher resolution screen as default...
  10. phatsharpie

    Apple Store Online is down for updating!!!

    Oooooo... The excitement!!! -B
  11. phatsharpie

    Bluetooth please!!!

    Please implement Bluetooth in Mac OS X and the Apple hardware. I know there were reports of potential interference b/w Bluetooth and AirPort, but the following study showed that these reports are actually untrue...,4000,1481_937781,00.html Apple...
  12. phatsharpie

    Using IrDA and cellphone to connect to the net?

    Is it possible to use the IrDA port on a TiBook to connect to the net via a cellphone? Mainly I am thinking of the Ericsson T28World with the DI28 IrDA module, or a Nokia phone with IrDA. I went to Nokia site and I see they have connection software for PCs, but I see in my OS X's modem string...
  13. phatsharpie

    Please don't switch all iBooks to larger form factor!!!

    Apple, Please don't switch all iBooks to larger form factor! I love the size and portability of the 12.1" iBook! I agree that the screen can be bigger, but can you move to 13" inch screens but still retain the form size? I know a lot of the people like the compact iBook for its (almost)...
  14. phatsharpie

    Civilization III Performance Issues...

    Just bought a copy for Civilization III for Mac OS X and am having performance issues with it. I have an iBook 500MHz with 640 MB of RAM, did the full install, and the game is soooooooooo slow. It's barely playable. I installed it on the G4 733MHz at work and it's more bareable, but it's...