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    Could anybody tell me how to disconnect the Mighty Mouse?

    I think maybe it's dirty in it, and the scroll key doesn't work any more. So I wanna clean it but I don't know how to open it or disconnect it. Even no one screw has been found, sigh......
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    How to change the icon of Trash?

    How to change the icon of Trash? I just can't find the way~ And how to put the icon on the desktop?
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    A question about Mail

    I usually use Mail to receive my mails, but one question is still bothering me. Every time when I login my inbox by using a brower, there are still new mails which I have already read in Mail. I hate this, because I can't distinct REAL new mails from FAKE new mails while I'm viewing my inbox...
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    Who is waiting photoshop cs2 universal?

    I have to say that iMac intel is a GREAT computer, but it is so slow while running big softwares, esp. which are not universal versions. Does anybody know when would photoshop cs2 universal be published?