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    Can't startup from Jaguar on Yikes G4

    Just no luck doing it. I've tried upgrading from a previous version of X and doing a clean install. Also pulled the Adaptec Scsi card. No love. Any suggestions? I didn't see a firmware for the yikes, just the AGP G4. Do I need a firmware upgrade? Any help is appreciated. Dot
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    Help: connecting to Windows fileshare

    I've connected sucessfully to a win2k box from OSX using the following: smb://workgroup;computername/fileshare but when i try to connect to a windows server that uses a Domain instead of a Workgroup, I don't have any luck. someone suggested I substitute the Workgroup or Domain with the ip...
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    I finally get it...

    Apple has something that Microsoft can't buy. And that is the difference. Osx is beautiful. It will reward current users and attract an entirely new crowd. A crowd that is savy, plentiful, and not sold on MS. Could be very interesting... Dot
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    Ahhhhhh. What am I doing wrong?

    I'm trying to start up from a fresh install of 5G64 and it will only boot into 9.1! I have two drives, the stock apple drive w/ no partitions that has 9.1 on it and a maxtor 40 gig on the bus with the zip drive (I never got it to work on the other one) in 3 partitions. osx is on the third. The...
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    What about osx server?

    I haven't heard any mention about an update for the server version? will the new updater take care of that or do we have to wait? :confused: Dotman
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    Will the current build update osx Server?

    What would indicate which is which? Do they have the same build number? idot
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    Will the current build update osx Server?

    so the build floating around on Carracho. Will that update osx server? nad if I do use it, will I have to start from scratch once I get the official release? Idot
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    Help editing httpd.conf

    I'm trying to edit the httpd.conf file using pico to uncomment some lines to enable php, but pico refuses to write the file throwing the error: "cannot open file for writing" I've tried saving, overwriting, but now luck. I'm new at this, so how do I do this? Are there any graphical tool...
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    Can't connect to apache from other computers!

    I've got a wireless network using Airport plugged into a lynksys router. I have osx server running on a pismo. i can view a site locally using, but I cannot view sites from other computers. this is driving me crazy, any suggestions? Thanks Dotman