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    DolbyDigital AC3 Support

    I have a brandnew SoundBlasterLive!5.1 card on my old PC and want to set this into my new PowerMacG4. But is there any support for this card and for SPDIF-Output???
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    :) Em, is there any project for MacOSX, which runs on a simple PC machine??? I've no just to buy me a PowerBookG4 or anything other, but I have a realy fast Computer. Athlon 1400MHz, 256DDR, 40GB Harddrive, etc. Come on. Apple could be start a PC project Do you know anything about...
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    MacOS X for PC

    MacOS X is the very best OS I know, but I don't have any Mac at home. It's very difficult to get it. I have not so much money and my new PC is very very fast in all thinkable applications like encoding, games, cinema 4d xl7 a.s.o. Why apple don't start a pc project with macosx? Why I must...