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    IP TV sites for mac?

    Does anyone know a site like this one: where you can watch tv for free, but on a mac? Any help would be lovely.
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    Mail problems...

    My regular mail has been giving me some problems because usually whe I open an emailit stays in the windeow and uses the bottom of it to open it.. But now it opens a new email in a new window and its kinda anoying so any help would be lovely please! By the way the mail im talking about is that...
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    Rar archive for mac?

    I was sent some files in a rar archive for my website but whe I open it it just show a quicktime window and says the movie doesnt exists? Ive tried to download a bunch of rar things but none of it is working.. any help would be great! thanks
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    HTML/ Java in iWeb?

    I need to put in an invisible counter so I can keep track on who visits what and I need to figure out hot to insert either a java code or just a regular html code? Cheers! :)
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    Quicktime hates me :(

    My quicktime has been anoying me ever since... well since I got my mac.. and the latest problem has officially been the worst. It started out when I tried to get a video from GameSpot in to full screen and I accedentially clicked some (I dont know which) and the entire video went craz on me and...