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    WTB: G4 PB or Tower... $500-600 offer!

    Hi all, I recently broke my iBook (stupid me) and I cannot stand to use this Windows PC anymore. Basically, I'm offering $500 ($600 max) + S&H for any G4 based PowerBook or PowerMac desktop system. For the PowerBook, I'm hoping for at least a 450MHz TiBook with a DVD drive. If this is what...
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    FS/FA: PowerMac G4, 800MHz, 1GB RAM, 40GB HDD, CD-RW

    Item has been sold. Hi, sadly I'm parting with my wonderful PowerMac G4 to go a more portable route. I have since listed this item on eBay and if you would like to check it out, you can at this link: It has...
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    FT- 800MHz PowerMac G4 for 667MHz PowerBook G4

    Okay, I want a PowerBook instead of my PowerMac G4. I've got a few upcoming projects that I'll need a portable for where I'll need to travel across state to do. I'm willing to take a slight speed drop for portability. Looking for a combo drive, but will take a regular DVD drive. RAM isn't an...
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    Anyone have the "old" 20" Cinema Display Photo?

    You know, the one that has the pic of the space shuttle taking off? Now it's been replaced by the photo that they used on the packaging for the new display. Usually I download the files as soon as they come available, but this time, I missed that opportunity and now am missing it. I'd sure enjoy...
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    New Theme

    I swear... IMO, it's about time this site got a facelift! What do you think of the new theme!
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    My Music Site

    Just released the new version of my music site and I would like your opinion on the design. I had an earlier design that was 100% complete, but I didn't like it after I was done with it. Typical for me. :D Anyways, what do you think about it, what could be done to it, and...
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    SNES Emulators for OS X?

    Hey, I've been gettin really deep into Zelda: A Link To The Past for SNES recently (I do own it) and I got a Super Nintendo emulator for Windows... I have a question, are there any good SNES emulators for Mac OS X? I'd like to play it on the road or wherever I have my new iBook... And you may...
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    My Personal Website (another one yeah) Since I'm having problems with my domain provider Dotster :rolleyes:, i signed up for one of those .tk domains. I couldn't be happier. That little popup is much better than the full frame advertisement. Anyways, it's just my little place to rant about how much...
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    GameCube uses PowerPC Processors

    just read that the GameCube uses a deritive from the PPC 750CXe... exactly what type of processor is that? G3?
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    I know some of you have them... but if you have one and haven't shared yet, please do! There's my website, which will have a blog soon, so check it out anyways... I also have one that I started A LONG time ago but never quite finished it...
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    Where's The New

    I remember a long time ago hearing about the new version of our boards were Yellow for a while and then they turned to the default vB colors... just wondering what ever happened to it! i'd be glad to help out with the graphics if any help is needed!
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    have any of you been over there and gotten the video "The Apple Store"??? it's about a kid, who takes his PMG4 to get repaired, and they meet "buddah" and look at the new iMac G4? yes? no? if yes... can i get a link?
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    Soccer... err... Football Question

    i was watching the Saudi Arabia vs. Ireland game this morning on ESPN 2. Just wondering, was that game live or taped? I figure it was live, since it would have been afternoon in Ireland.. plus, who won? it was turning out to be a good match! i left after the halftime...
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    "My Mac just works." SO COOL! :D
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    My Personal Site! Whatcha think? so what do you think? if you saw my thread about my corporate identity, then you'll notice this looks real close to it... that's because that i ripped this design off that one! :D anyways, whatcha think? completely made in Dreamweaver 4 and Photoshop 7...
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    Mac OS 9 & X CD Wanted

    I need a copy of Mac OS 9 (one that does not require a certain OS for it to be installed... i have a OS 9 cd, but it requires OS 9.1 first) for my Mac but the most I have to spend is around $50 MAX... I also have a OS X 10.1 Upgrade CD, but it need OS X on it first... can someone please hook me...
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    Argh... this ****es me off! Rockstar Studios gave Sony exclusive rights to Grand Theft Auto until 2004! I just bought it for my PC and was only doing that so I could get it for XBOX later on... BUT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (sigh) at least PS2 is only $200... maybe i'll...
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    Anyone with a RADEON 7000 Mac Edition?

    You guys have any problems if you're on a G3? On the ATI site, they list a few and I wanted to know if any had had any troubles. It says that everything was fixed in 10.1.5, so anyone have any problems after that update?? Thanx!
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    Graphics Card and VRAM

    if i buy a graphics card with 32MB of RAM, is that 32MB of VRAM or am I still stuck with 4 MB of VRAM (the 4 slots on my 7600 motherboard)?
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    Mac OS X Beta Screenshots Wanted

    If you ran the OS X Public Beta or had screenshots of the beta, especially when the Apple logo was in the middle and not the left like it is now, I'd really like them. if you know of any links, that'd be great too... i'm compiling a site and need some graphics of OS X from the beginning to now...