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    SMB client performance

    Ok this is not really a question but more of a hint i have a linux server running at home with a samba share my tibook connects to it just fine but when i try copy-pasting to my tibook the performances are awfull. im doing 100k/sec or 200k/sec maybe less havent checked exactly...
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    alert newbie question coming up PATH

    ok i just installed fink and since every executable file is in /sw/bin or /sw/sbin by default how can i add a path to those executable TIA
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    after 30 minutes my pb wont wake up

    Hi i have a powerbook 550 running mac os x.1 and i was wondering if anybody had a similar problem whenever i dont use my pb for about 20 to 30 minutes it goes to what seems to be a sleep mode but isnt. if i move the mouse or hit any button nothing happens so does anybody knows how to...
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    connecting to a samba server??

    Hi i have a samba server running at home on a slack8 box and i tried to connect to it using the Go command in the finder i tried smb://server-name i heard im suppose to get a prompt to enter the login passwd of the server but nothing happens it just sits there could someone give me...
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    probleme with osx install

    Hi this may sound like a newbie question but thats what i am to macintosh. well here it is i recently installed macosx server coming from the windows world it was just a natural move for me but i formatted the disk with unix filesystem and now my restore cd wont work anymore BTW i...