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  1. K

    what FTP program do you advise?

    I've noticed several of you recommend Fetch. It's what I've always used. However, I am unable to connect to anything if I'm running Jag. Switching back to OS X pre-Jag, I can reach all the sites just fine. Is there something special I need to flip on or off in Jag in order to ftp?
  2. K

    PacBell DSL and Routers?

    Appreciate the info, Ed. We will give it a shot later today and let you know how we do. If husband is successful, I might give it a shot. :D
  3. K

    PacBell DSL and Routers?

    Wondering if you were ever able to connect using OS X? So far, my husband has not been successful. :( It's not nice around here when this happens. :p