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  1. Sirtovin

    No Word on..

    There has been no word about Bootcamp and Vista... Sure you can go to any Apple Fourm and find an install fix for it... but there is no Word yet from Apple if Bootcamp and Vista will work... Plus to make things more hellish... Vista comes in several flavors... All Expensive too... So Which...
  2. Sirtovin

    Possible new Apple Logo?

    Recently I saw an Ipod Commercial... It looked like a Cartoon... but you could clearly see them using the Ipod... Well at the end I saw the Apple logo... and it was Red... Now I am no expert on Apple Logo's... but I thought it was grey... Not Red... Has anyone else seen this Ipod Commercial?
  3. Sirtovin

    Vista Stinks... Here's Why...

    Why would I want to pay over 200 dollars for an upgrade or worse pay 400 dollars for ultimate when I could buy a new PC for 400 dollars or save another 200 dollars and get another PC... I have also heard that Vista is STILL incomplete... It was suppose to incorporate WINFS... But noo... They...
  4. Sirtovin

    Use MS Office On A Mac? You’re About To Get Screwed

    Agreed... As an Old Windows user M$ does try to set the standards to BE THEIRS and only theirs... IE when it first came out tried to take the market away from Netscape... Etc... but Luckily Mozilla beat the hell out of them... Thus FireFox... :) When I listened to the first keynote when...
  5. Sirtovin

    US bans iPod sales and other gadgets to North Korea

    To be serious I don't think it affects it much.
  6. Sirtovin

    US bans iPod sales and other gadgets to North Korea

    Mr Kim: Yeah those computers helped me... More than the Standard Microsoft... Computers... I want my Ipod... :P
  7. Sirtovin

    I WANT to make the switch!!!

    As a Switcher... I would tell you to go for what you need. The Dual Core 2, processor is extrememly fast and 64 bit... In English this means that when Leopard comes out and say Photoshop CS3... Comes out... If they write the code for 64 bit like most programs will be... because Windows Vista is...
  8. Sirtovin

    US bans iPod sales and other gadgets to North Korea

    Yeah Little Kim... He one angry dude... I heard... When the last bond film came out the one with Pirece... Not this new one... He threw a fit because of how accurately his regim was potrayed lmao..
  9. Sirtovin

    US bans iPod sales and other gadgets to North Korea

    Okay Okay... I hear the MacGyver theme song playing as that madman Kim, begins to order the dismantle of the G5's, Ipods, and plasma Televisons... Sigh... lol... Personally he will find a way to get them... if that freak can watch all the looney toons... than surely he can find a way to get...
  10. Sirtovin

    US bans iPod sales and other gadgets to North Korea

    I think this is good because why should we let that nut job have goods... However we all know that just because the USA, won't give him those goods I am sure A-Hole like that has other connections to get them.
  11. Sirtovin

    ATI vs Nvidia in iMac??

    256 ATI just means better graphics power... Say if your gaming... or doing really advanced movie making with your intel Mac... It always helps to max out the video at the time of purchase... I found out to late when I brought my intel Imac 20"... The 2.0... Not the Dual Core 2, that I can't...
  12. Sirtovin

    IPAD coming out along with an IPhone This link contains information... which I believe maybe credible.
  13. Sirtovin

    disk utility

    Buy DiskWarrior for Mac
  14. Sirtovin

    What Leader Are You?

    lol Fryke Rocks... :)
  15. Sirtovin

    What Leader Are You?

    Hmm.... thats scary... to do it by IP. lol
  16. Sirtovin

    Rise of Nations Gold on Intel-Mac

    Even with the patch it is laggy... since its not a universal patch... :(
  17. Sirtovin

    What Leader Are You?

    hmmm... i say it will be destroyed... einstein said it would happened... "I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones." Albert Einstein I hope it don't happen in my life time... but the way things look... etc.. etc...
  18. Sirtovin

    What Leader Are You?

    said i was hitler... D'oh.. :P
  19. Sirtovin

    Leopard, BootCamp and Vista?

    Well I for one will buy both OS's... :) lol... MMMMMM TIME MACHINE... hehehe yahoo to Vista... :P
  20. Sirtovin

    Leopard, BootCamp and Vista?

    I know all about Parrallels... But for my needs i do the dual boot for the M$ games... :)