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    Screen Effects - Where did "Aqua Icons" Go??

    What happened to the best screensaver, "aqua icons". :( The Aqua Icons module also made use of attractive fade-ins to display a sea of icons harvested from your own hard disk flying out from the murky depths of the screen. My Favorite Quote ever Was: "Exercise: compare the Aqua Icons...
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    iMac DVSE probs! HELP?!

    hey all, ok, i have an iMac DVSE that was running 9.0.4 and have been attempting to update it to osx. whenever i get 9.1 on it, it won't startup (no sad mac or icon of anykind, just a grey screen). i can boot from a cd after this, but if i don't IMMEDIATELY start doing something (running...
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    iPhoto - where are my pix??

    ok, i'm confused about imported iPhoto images. :confused: in my user folder>pictures folder, there is an iPhoto library folder. some of the contents of the dated folders therein are actual jpgs of pix and some of the dated folders contain no jpgs or graphic files of any type. it seems...