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    Strange message in log

    Upon looking through my System Log on my Powerbook G4 12" 1 GHz (768 MB RAM), I noticed that it was littered with what looks to be a strange error message. "Jul 11 01:52:22 PowerbookG4 kernel: Graphics chip error! Restarted." The message appears 2 to 3 times per day. Is this a normal...
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    What is this error...?

    I needed to check the Console this morning and noticed that there were a few errors that I couldn't identify. They were: "yylex: ERROR." Does anyone know what that means? I am running Panther v. 10.3.1 on a PB 12" 867 with 640 MB of RAM. Thanks.
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    Extreme Base Station Printing Broken

    Yet another new problem since my "upgrade" to Base Station Firmware 5.1 and 3.1 of the Airport Admin Utility -- and this one really ticks me off. In order to print to my HP Deskjet 960 I have to unplug/re-plug the USB cable into the Base Station in order for any of my computers (wired or...
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    Really Odd Font Problem

    It's been a long time since I have read any posts about Font issues but now I have one of my own -- and it seems to be the opposite problem people have had in the past with fonts. All of a sudden, fonts in the Classic Font Folder (in the Classic System folder) have become unavailable to OS X...
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    Airport Admin Utility Not Seeing Base Station

    Since upgrading to version 5.1 of the firmware and 3.1 of the Admin Utility software the Airport Admin Utility does not "see" the Airport Extreme Base Station. Hitting the Rescan button does not help. Though I can find the Base Station by clicking the Other button and manually typing the...
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    Airport Extreme-ly Worthless

    I have an Airport Extreme Base Station and I think it's a hunk of junk. Apple admitted that the APBS has little tolerence for busy network traffic and for 2.4 Gh interference and they weren't kidding!! Their new firmware update 5.0.4 was SUPPOSED to fix that but alas the problem is still...
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    Weird Key Combination

    Just thought someone might be able to explain something strange that I did accidentally today... I was trying to navigate to a folder from the Finder using the key combination Option-Shift-g and instead typed Option-Shift-u. Strangely, the program Navigator opened up to a page with the URL of...
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    UNIX Newbie Question About "TOPS"

    I tried SSH for the first time yesterday and it is really cool. While logged into my iMac from my Powerbook via SSH I wanted to see running processes and memory usage on the iMac. At the prompt I typed "tops" instead of "top" and got a whole slew of text that basically confused and bewildered...
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    Filemaker Pro Tough Scripting Question

    Can't find this anywhere at all... In a Filemaker Pro contact database, I want to create a script that pops up a custom dialog box to remind the user to place a follow up telephone call to a contact one hour (or 30 minutes, or whatever) from the time the user initiates the script (presses a...
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    Bizarre Jaguar Get Info Glitch

    This is a strange one but here goes... Only when I'm in my Administrator account the strangest thing happens. When I choose Get Info on a file or directory for which I am the owner and open "Ownership and Permissions", the owner's name (which should be me) is either in garbled text or in an...
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    Mount share and Volumes folder opens

    Is this supposed to happen: I mount a networked volume via tcp/ip in OS 10.2.1 and the share shows up on the desktop (which of course is normal) but then the invisible /Volumes folder window opens with an alias of the shared volume(s) in it. Mounting an AppleTalk volume does not cause the...
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    Auto Sleep Prevented by Personal File Sharing

    Just installed 10.2.1 on my Pismo Powerbook and, unlike 10.1.x, it seems as though Energy Saver settings are ignored and deep sleep is prevented if Personal File Sharing is turned on. Once Personal File Sharing is off, the computer goes to sleep normally. There is a thread on this issue on...
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    Weird Flash Crash

    When I run Flash 5 in Classic I always seem to crash a process called makequeues (I have crash logs enabled in Console -- so that's how I know that makequeues has crashed). Can someone tell me what this process is and what it does, and most importantly, why it's crashing. Here's what the...
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    External Firewire Drive Problem

    My Maxtor external 40 G Firewire drive does not automount on my desktop after warm restarts or cold starts on my iMac with 10.1.3. It worked fine in 10.1.2 but now misbehaves since the update. The drive mounts and stays mounted once I unplug and re-plug it in once the Finder loads -- even...
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    File Sharing Problem in 10.1.3

    Curious to know if there are more people that are having a serious slowdown when trying to connect one computer to another within their local area network (or computer direct to computer). Trying to connect from my PowerBook to my iMac or vice versa used to take a second or two (connected...
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    10.1.3 and Local Networking

    Since upgrading both my PB Pismo and my iMac DV SE 400 from 10.1.2 to 10.1.3, choosing "Connect to Server..." from the Finder's Go menu now takes an excruciatingly long time -- at least a minute -- to present the Connect to Server Log In dialogue box when trying to network the two computers...
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    Kernel Panic with Belkin USB Pocket Hub?

    I have an iMac DV SE 400, 384 MB RAM, running MacOS 10.1.2. Pro Keyboard, Logitech Optical Wheel Mouse, Maxtor 40GB Firewire Drive, QPS CD-RW Firewire Drive, Belkin USB Pocket Hub with HP 960Cse printer, Palm Connect USB/Palm 5 Cradle, Canon Canoscan and an Iomega Zip 250 connected to Hub. I...
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    Weird Networking Question

    I have a local network of 3 Macs, one of which running 10.1.2. When I connect to one of my Macs (running OS 9.1) from the one running 10.1.2 using the Finder's Connect to Server (either via the Local Network or AppleTalk lists) the finder appends a "-1" to the end of the server name (i.e...
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    Wierd iTunes 2.0.2 error

    When trying to set Internet playback default to iTunes (in the iTunes Preferences) I get an error message: "unknown error (-50) unable to update Internet preferences." Does anyone know what the error means and how to fix it? Thanks. I can be emailed directly at
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    External HD Grinds or Clunks on Disk Access

    Hoping to find out why a Maxtor Firewire external 40 Gig HD is making a clunking noise when some applications access the drive. It seems to happen most often when Classic applications access the drive while running 10.1. I don't seem to have the problem when booted in 9.1. The clunk lasts for...