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    iPod Secret:

    With your new iPod, select "About" at the main menu, hold down the center button for a few seconds, and check out the surprise! :D
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    Logitech with OS X?

    Still noone with tranparent windows? Anyways... I've got this Logitech Mouseman Wheel. I think it rocks - 4 buttons; two normal, one udner the scroll wheel and one at the thumb. Very useful under OS 9, but does anyone know any drivers for it under OS X since only the two standard butons and...
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    Transparent windows

    Greetings, ya'll TinkerTool is, as most of us know, capable of making the Terminal transparent. When using the preview option in TinkerTool, it opens a separate window that looks like any other one with maximize buttons etc. Now, is there any way of making ALL windows in X transparent in...