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    Using Windows USB keyboard with OSX

    Finally - I found the solution myself!!!! DoubleCommand
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    Solution for remapping modifier keys under 10.1.5

    Finally, I can use cheap Windows USB keyboard with Mac OS X! The problem until now was that there was a way to remap Start key to Option and Alt key to Command (they're swapped by default, so Start acts like Command), but only under Classic! But hopefully, there's a handy utility, which allows...
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    PC GeForce 3 BIOS

    5 minutes after the post I've found this: Actually, it explains how to flash the GeForce 2 MX, not the GeForce 3 BIOS. take care & good luck
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    PC GeForce 3 BIOS

    I know that PC & Mac GeForce are basically the same card - so is it possible to flash the BIOS of a PC GeForce in order to use it on a Mac. Why I'm asking? Because there are no retail sales of GeForce for Macintosh in Bulgaria - only the Windows one. Any suggestions & experiences on this matter...
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    InDesign 2.0: Numbered Lists

    Well, you said "a little authority"... let me explain it to you. Yes, I know that bulleted list are a bit outdated from designer's point of view. But most technical manuals use bulleted lists, not to mention the GRAND EXCUSE: The client wants it THAT way. Yes, I also monitored closely what...
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    InDesign 2.0: Numbered Lists

    Well, that really make my day - but, yes, "You can't help me". Correct me if I'm wrong, but do giants like Adobe & Quark look at the calendar often? Jeez, it's 2002!!! How many basic word processors has this function? Adobe InDesign was the light in the tunnel, compared to what Quarks has to...
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    InDesign 2.0: Numbered Lists

    Well, seems that if the feature is missing in QX (4 or 5, whatever) Adobe didn't care to put it in th enew InDesign 2.0. ID 2 does way too much than Xpress, but I really want see such function.
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    InDesign 2.0: Numbered Lists

    Does anyone have idea how to create buleted (or numbered) lists in Adobe InDesign 2? hate to say this, but until now the only app that could do this is our beloved MS Word....
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    Adobe Illustrator 10.0.1 Update

    Thanks for your reply, but it only avoids the "Location not found" problem and won't update anything...but you already knew that. So, we need to move on...
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    Adobe Illustrator 10: slow under OSX 10.1.3

    Well, you've expressed my feelings better than I can do it. I agree on each and every point you made - that's why I'm still using the good, old-fashioned 8 - by the way, does anyone asking themselves, where the hell "color-pick from placed bitmap" function dissapeared? Since 9, there's no such...
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    Adobe Illustrator 10: slow under OSX 10.1.3

    Do you think that Illustrator runs slower under X 10.1.3 compared to Classic mode?
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    Adobe Illustrator 10.0.1 Update

    I'm getting the "The default location required for this install cannot be found. The install will be cancelled." error from the updater. Many other users experience the same problem. An user posted a possible workaround in, but it won't work either in my case. Here's the...
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    I love u, Apple!!

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    G4 Processor Upgrade

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I can't find any processor upgrades for my G4/400. Okay, new G4's are cool, are fast, are equipped with better motherboards - but how to tell my boss that he should spend another 3.000-4.000 bucks for a new machine? The problem is that I'm the only Mac user in a...
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    Look what I've got form WebMin, trying to start Apache server: Failed to start apache : dyld: /usr/sbin/httpd Undefined symbols: _apple_hfs_module /usr/sbin/apachectl start: httpd could not be started Running 10.1.2. Any ideas?
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    Skin X

    Yes, this software really does what metamorpX should do - it backed up Aqua...and then restored it. Sadly, Iridium still doesn't work for me : yes, it's 10.1 Theme on a 10.1 machine...but no luck. I'm wondering - why such cooll application like Duality is not listed in MacOSXApps or...
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    springloaded folders in 10.2?!

    Spring loaded folders are back - that's what I call Xmas gift!!! But what lures me most is that lusty "Always Open folders in a new window" - old Classic habits, you know ;)))
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    Skin X

    I actually reinstalled 10.1 due to Themes failure. MetamorpX states that it actually checks if the theme is 10.1 compliant (by previewing the theme - if there's no preview, the theme is not compatible). But Iridium theme actualy damaged original Aqua theme, so i needed to reinstall. So, be...
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    10.1 New and Hidden Features

    F12 actually UNMOUNTS ALL Removable drives currently mounted. So if we got floppies they'll eject too :)
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    Adobe Illustrator 10 Color picker

    I'm wondering - does anyone know why the hell AI 10 Color Picker doesn't actually pick colour from placed bitmap files (TIF, GIF, JPG) - AI 8 does the trick (actually, this functionality dissapeared in v. 9.0) Also, color picking when a group of objects is selected does nothing - you should...