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    iTunes relaunching itself??

    guys, thanks for the responses. Turns out it was a Konfabulator iTunes widget that was reopening the app. Substituted that widget for another, and problem solved.
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    iTunes relaunching itself??

    running 10.2.5 and iTunes 4. have to quit the app, then it relaunches itself!! so strange. after relaunching and quitting it 3 times, its OK. like clockwork. Any one else getting this?
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    analog vid capture software for OS X

    I have a VCR connected via S-video, into a Dazzle FireWire Analog-to-DV bridge. In OS 9, using Apple Video Player, I can pause the VCR and take a screenshot of the paused image. In OS X, using iMovie, the paused image from the VCR is highly pixelated, blurry and jumpy, rendering it unusable...
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    strange 10.2.4 issues

    since the 10.2.4 update I have run into multiple instances of the following issues: 1) Sound will just disappear. Getting sound to come back involves either a logout, or at worse, a reboot. This happens on the internal TiBook speakers, as well as on my Quicksilver's internal speaker & its...
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    FireWire drive that fits perfectly under an iMac

    recently there was a product announcement for a new FireWire harddrive that fits right under the new flat-panle iMacs. It acts as a riser and provides storage. I have done a search, but nothing. If this jogs anyones memory, please speak up! Thanks!
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    Safari and favicons

    In Chimera we were able to have favicons in the bookmark toolbar. Is anyone aware of how to do this in Safari or if it is even possible?
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    chimera & highlighting text in browser window

    Does anyone else have this issue with Chimera - when you put your cursor in a browser window to select text and it moves the ENTIRE window, not just highlight the text you want?
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    screensaver password window

    or does anyone know how to change the screensaver passsword window?
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    login window

    does anyone know how to alter the login window? Using Visage I can alter the background image that the window lies upon, and the little icon on it, but not the window's dimension and image itself. any ideas?
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    Post your OS X.1 Desktop Pics!!!!

    try yadal (YetAnotherDockApplicationLauncher), i think you can make its icon custom.
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    10.2.1 - can't open 'disk copy' utility any more.

    same problem that I had, really sucked. got DiskCopy off the install CD, nothing. was about to wipe and start over but I remembered reading about the 'hdid' utility from the terminal. works great, mounts all images w/o a reinstall. sorry i am late to the party with this info, but maybe...
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    Post your OS X.1 Desktop Pics!!!!

    It looks like "yadal' with a custom icon on it perhaps?
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    10.1.5 & Software Restore Images

    I just finished creating an image for my company that has all of our Mac OS X apps, the right settings, etc. I then made a bootable Apple Software Restore volume so I could restore any volume with a clean OS 10.1.5. Here's the rub - when I tested it, it made me re-register OS X even though I...
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    folder views

    after the 10.1.5 update, everytime i logout or restart, my folder views change back to icons instead of staying in explorer mode. anyone know how to change this or is there a pref I can dump? When i change it manually, then logout, problem persists. thanks all.
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    Toast 5.1.2 and Copying Issue

    I upgraded to Toast 5.1.2 today, and it seems OK except for the "Copy" feature. Whenever I put a CD in my drive and click copy, the app instantly bombs saying it has 'unexpectedly quit and no other apps have been harmed'. Has anyone else seen this? The hardware spec's I have: G4/933 1GB RAM...