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    POSIX compliance & GNU tools

    Dont forget about java!!! has some stuffs on os x. I didn't read the article but check it fo' y0 self...
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    POSIX compliance & GNU tools

    get all your dev utilz from and no you dont have to be a developer to get them... apple just doesn't provide them to the average joe b/c they are following the M$ idea of trying to idiot proof stuff they think the end L user will and will not need =] To conclude you can...
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    OSX, or linux or BSD

    Yeah debian is the best as far as I am concerned =] If I had to give you a piece of advice it would be apt-get into it =-] have fun.... and dont be scared away by dselect! just muster your way thru it~!@@#!
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    Install In UNIX

    Now I dont know about classic working on ext2 files systems but this seems like the obvious answer... If I am wrong pardon me. Make 3 partitions. An hfs(+) partition, and 2 ext2 partitons. Then install classic on hfs, osx on one of the ext2's and netbsd on the other. Then install lilo and...