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    New in Leopard?

    I must have been sleeping. When the hell did the new airport extreme base station come out?!
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    WWDC 2006 keynote

    It's too bad that Apple seems to have stopped caring much about the whole streaming keynote. A few years back when it would go out live was always really exciting and now the replay won't even play back 5 hours after the show has ended. I wonder why it feels like there's a lack of enthusiasm...
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    WWDC 2006 keynote

    Same here :( I used to be able to download the movies by screwing with the actual rtsp link but I haven't had any luck doing that.
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    WWDC 2006 keynote

    sorry if this was already posted. I just found it on the quicktime page, not sure how long it's been out there.
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    Fast User Switching

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    Need Confirmation

    In my opinion, not a new iPod. Perhaps a new shuffle, but it's much too early for a new iPod.
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    iTunes store error

    no luck, should I wipe out iTunes and reinstall it or something?
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    iTunes store error

    I was thinking I might need a good restart. I'll try it and get back to ya if it persists (its important because my girlfriend got me a 25 dollar itunes card for xmas!) - Thanks
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    iTunes store error

    I keep getting a connection error (when I am very obviously connected to the internet) when I try to sign in or even create a new account at the iTunes Music Store. I've enclosed a pic of what the error looks like. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks.
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    Why haven't Apple computers shipped with 2 button mouses?

    I absolutely love my mighty mouse and I think once again Apple has done something different to make an existing product better through their typical "think different" innovation.
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    Mac OS X 10.4.3 in Software Update

    I keep getting an error that says the update can't be installed on my machine. I'm running 10.4.2, nothing fancy or pirated. I'm going to download the combo and see if that helps. UPDATE: Tried the combo and it just keeps saying "Please try installing again." Any ideas why this might be...
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    New TV Shows?

    They need NBC.
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    new iPod, new iMac, PhotBooth

    Apple's site says 5 to 7 business days for the new iPod shipping. I thought these puppies were shipping this week?
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    Media Event Video...?

    Can you shed some light on how you "downloaded" it thought? Thanks for providing this highlight reel though!
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    Media Event Video...?

    I couldn't get VLC to open that rtsp file. Any suggestions??
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    new iPod, new iMac, PhotBooth

    What's to stop people from putting their own full length movies and tv shows onto the iPod as long as they are in mpeg 4 or h.264? (crosses fingers and hopes the answer is "nothing").
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    5G iPods Soon? ugh?
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    5G iPods Soon?

    I was thinking about the curtain in terms of movies. Then again, movie theaters and curtains aren't as synonymous these days I suppose. Anyway. If they come out with an iPod that's anywhere from 40 to 80GB in capacity but is the same size or smaller than today's 20GB, I'm gonna have to sell my...
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    anyone got the latest keynote?

    Since myself and a friend of mine on this forum have been on a quest to own every keynote that exists...does anyone have the keynote from the other day or know of a working link to download/save it? I found the akamai link, and used to be able to tweak them to make it saveable, but what I used...
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    iPod nano

    Is the center button on the clickwheel a touch-sensative button?