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    "Mount" a Directory inside a Shared folder

    I want to create a applescript program to allow users to access their userspaces on a Windows server. I would like to know if it's possible to to mount \\server\share\directory\user so that it appears as a Folder on the deskop. I know about "connect to server", but that only maps to the...
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    Boot to DOS on Intel Macbook

    Is it possible to boot into DOS on a Intel Mac? I guess it wouldn't like a USB Floppy Drive, but maybe a regular bootdisk copied to a CD and made Bootable? Why I want to know is that there is a possiblity of us getting 20 Macbooks and dual booting, but I'd like to be able...
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    10.2.8 User Capabilities list (Accounts prefs) not listing all applications

    Mac Os X 10.2 We are at a college and I want to restrict users from running certain applications like iChat, Address Book etc. Now the Capabilities list (Sys Prefs > Accounts ) doesn't list all the applications on the Mac, for example Ms Excel gets added, but not Ms Word, which I find...