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    Fast User Switching

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    iTunes store error

    I keep getting a connection error (when I am very obviously connected to the internet) when I try to sign in or even create a new account at the iTunes Music Store. I've enclosed a pic of what the error looks like. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks.
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    anyone got the latest keynote?

    Since myself and a friend of mine on this forum have been on a quest to own every keynote that exists...does anyone have the keynote from the other day or know of a working link to download/save it? I found the akamai link, and used to be able to tweak them to make it saveable, but what I used...
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    Apple's capturing methods.

    Ever since I watched the Tiger demo movies on Apple's Mac OS X section of I've been fascinated with how well they are captured. I used to play with Snapz Pro a while back, but these movies that Apple has posted seem to be extremely fluid and beyond Snapz capabilities. One could argue...
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    Anyone see this patent?
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    The Bible (Split from "The Bible on your iPod"

    [Edit] Stay on topic, please. That was extremely offensive. -Ricky
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    No new features for 3G ipod owners?

    I got really excited today when I ran software update and noticed that there was an iPod update dated 7-15-2004. I figured at LEAST the 3G iPods would enjoy a nice firmware update that would mirror the new software features of the new 4G click wheel iPod. Well I'm sure many of you know that's...
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    iPod your BMW on

    Yeah cool, because we all BMW's too.
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    I'm pissed

    Went to only because I wanted to register to vote. Check out this message you get when you get to the part about printing the registration form out! I'm outraged.
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    Is there a keynote tomorrow?

    I think when thinking about the April 18th NAB event I automatically assumed in my mind that there was going to be a keynote speach and webcast of the event. Now that it's 3 AM eastern on Saturday night and I don't see any information pointing towards that happening, I'm coming to realize that...
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    How do you print selections in Safari?

    If I select some text and some images for example, can't I print just what I have selected? Thanks -Ryan
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    Safari 1.2 in software update.

    A Java update as well.
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    G5 iMac probability?

    I've had a powermac since 2001 and it's my first mac and has treated me extremely well. I'm getting to that point where I'd like to upgrade and I'm obviously crazy about the G5, but I'm thinking a powermac is too much for me and I really don't care for the loud fan noise when compared to an...
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    Bringin' up the recording streaming video topic again...

    Don't hate me, but I did a lot of searching around the forums for information on truly saving Quicktime streaming video and all I could find was really old stuff. So, I was wondering if anyone knows anything about how to either save or record streaming video for (in my case) the purpose of...
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    What is the best internal HD I could buy...

    I want to put a nice new hard drive in my quicksilver 733 (from July 01). What is the absolute best hard drive out there that I could put in it? Not necessarily the biggest, I'm talking like best brand/seek time/reliable HD about there. Right now my guess is IBM Deskstar, but I'm not sure if all...
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    Question about Radeon cards please help

    Ok here's the situation. My geforce 2 Mx sucks with a 1600 X 1200 resolution. I want a radeon, but I don't want a wimpy 8500 and I don't want to shell out the bucks for the 9800. My question is, is there any way to buy the 9600 pro for the mac?? I know it came in powermacs at one point, so would...
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    fixing stuffit files?

    So you know when you have a .sit file and you open it up and it says it can't expand it due to it probably be encoded improperly? Can I do anything to fix the file or at least get at what's inside it? Can I at least get the files that aren't corrupted in the .sit? Thanks
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    Cartoon Network's Apple Pride

    I am watching some Family Guy on Cartoon Network right now and it just cut to a commercial where white text over a black screen contains messages to the viewer from the network. I though I was coming out of a dream when I read something along the lines of "we'd like to take this opportunity to...
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    Fast User Switching

    I don't know if it's because I only have a GeForce 2 MX and the cut off has been upped, but fast user switching only does a fade out to the selected user (a nice fade at that however) instead of that 3D cube effect. Anyone else with panther getting the 3D cube effect? If so, what are your...
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    QPS Que! DVD-RW 2i ???

    I need to know if this firewire burner uses the Pioneed DVR-A05. It has all the exact same specs as the Pioneer, but I can't find out for sure if that's what it uses. Anyone know or know how I can find out? Thanks -RY This is the link to the QPS burner i'm talking about...