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    New BackUp=pissed at apple

    If you use an external cd/dvd burner, do not download the update to backup. They threw in "External drives are not supported" Send in feedback to apple so we can change this since i know i am not the only person with an external firewire drive. I think it is crappy that apple is taking...
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    video chat between mac and pc

    Now, i already use ichatav, but i want to be able to chat to my girlfriend who is moving to california in a month while i stay in texas. She just bought a new dell and i have a powerbook as well as a regular pc. What type of programs out will let us video chat? Will regular aim support video...
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    Disappointment with the ipod dock

    Anyone else disappointed with the dock? I would prefer to use that for charging so i can update my ipod at the same time, but i dont want to sit at my laptop for hours while the thing recharges. When my laptop goes to sleep, i have to do a hard reset everytime even though i have the firewire...
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    ipod through cars radio

    I saw a piece of hardware that allows you to play your ipod through your cars fm radio on apples site. How well does this thing work? I know it wont be cd quality, but is it decent? Would you buy one? More specifically, does anyone have it? I wish i bought a car cd player with a line in.
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    Laptop changing ip address

    I have a speedstream (seimens) 802.11b router. I have my powerbook and a windows computer. The router is using mac address filtering and an ip range. No wep. My laptop is self assigning its ip address almost everyday. It is set to retrieve one from the router (using dhcp). Lately i have...
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    MS Office rant .....

    Why is it that Microsoft makes crap. I have to use MS Word for my technical writing class. Currently i am making a tri-fold brochure. List of complaints: 1. It changes the font everytime. I wanted to use the font optima. When i select it, everything changes to mathmono5 (mathamatica...
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    Pocket Tanks...Wooo Hoooo!!!

    Talk about addicting. Nothing like lobbing artillery shells back and forth for a few hours. I think i grabbed it off apples site. Probably the only shareware game i actually endedup buying. Name is suggestive, but at least it isnt pocket pool or pocket rockets. hehe.
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    .Mac users

    For those of you that have bought .Mac, are you satisfied with the service? What are the biggest annoyances that you have noticed? Do you get spam mail? Are they going to expand the features of .Mac in the future? I am getting sick of my school selling my email address and i am starting to...
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    G4 Cubes

    Are there any plans on bringing this back into the lineup? Im thinking about getting one through ebay with the primary function as an audio center and possible pvr use. Is the 500mhz fast enough for the pvr? Will any video cards fit in it or are they specially made for that size. I just...
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    Internet Radio

    Is there a way to record internet radio to the hard disk? Lately i have heard some songs on some of the itunes stations that are amazing. I would like to be able to transfer this to my rio 500 for when i work out. Thanks
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    Drive10 question

    Does drive 10 work with 10.2. The apple rep did not know so i was hoping one of you guys could help me out. Thanks.
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    Problem with firewire hard drive....10.2 problem

    Just installed 10.2. It recognizes my firewire drive, a ibm gxp in a pyro firewire enclosure, but it says it needs to be repaired with disk utility. It worked fine in 10.1.x. It let me repair it, but when i run verify disk again, it still says there is a problem. Please dont tell me i have...
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    Need some partitioning help

    I have a ti book with a 27 gb hard drive. When try to use disk utility to partition the drive, it says cannot initialize startup disk. Do i need a separate program? I dont really know what to do... Thanks
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    If you were getting a new printer to do typical school use, such as printing documents, a few photos and printing web documents, what ink jet printer would you reccomend that is near $150-$200. I havent shopped for one in awhile so i am going off of what i paid for my last printer. (too much...
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    M.S. Intellipoint drivers for Mac Os X are out

    Drivers for M.S. Intellipoint devices are out for OS X. I havent installed them yet, so i cant comment on how well they work.
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    Fink problem

    When i go to install any program through fink, it downloads the files just fine. When it starts to install, this shows up for any program. (This is what is at the very bottom after it reads through everything that is untarred) ./configure --prefix=/sw creating cache ./config.cache...
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    I have downloaded some buttons/icons/ whatever you want to call them. How do i switch icons. Do i just set them up as shortcuts? Sorry if this is dumb, i am just really used to windows.
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    Unix Newbie wanting to get better

    i started off only wanting to run gimp, but now i want to play with more of the *nix side of osx. I am very new to this. I read that fink has problems installing if gimp has already been installed(from the read me in the installer). How do i go about removing Gimp? Anyways, after i do...
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    Importing a .pst file into Entourage?????

    I am switching from office 2000 (windows version) to Office X. Enourage does not recognize.pst files, but that is how my address book and email was saved. I cant just resave it from the windows machine (300 miles away). Is there a work around for this? The help file says to resave it as a...