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    Would you buy an iPod?

    tooooooo pricey... maybe if the sucker had a 20gb drive the $$$ tag would be acceptable. no PC support... just preordered my RIOVOLT SP250... now that's the sh*t!! Rio Home CDs don't cost crud. a smallish cd wallet in my backpack and i have my entire music collection with me. it...
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    beige g3, pci video accelleration, dvd - osx

    My problem, G3 beige DT, rev 1 logic board (cruddy onboard video in osx). The machine has got 384MB RAM and a G4/400 upgrade and an apple DVD drive (from a G4), and a ColorSync 850 in it so it's quite peppy (for i want anyways - mp3s, movies and net access) APART from the video. I would...
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    10.1 smb slow network copy...

    Hey all, Anyone seen anything like this? When I mount a share using 10.1s built-in SMB client and copy a file from my old NT file server, I get about 100 - 250 KB/s. If I am to use a Sharity mounted volume I get (normal) around 500 - 700 KB/s. Strange hey..? I have tried disabling...
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    L2 cache on upgraded macs

    l love answering my own questions. :) Hope someone finds this useful anywayz..   But for a 3rd party upgrade you need to buy a serial # from them. Oh well. cyas.
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    L2 cache on upgraded macs

    Hey there all! Has anyone popped the 10.1 update on to a machine with a 3rd party processor upgrade? I have a beige g3 with a Newer Maxpowr G4/400. I know that Ryan Rempel's great little L2cacheconfig has to be updated in order to work with the new kernel. Has anyone heard anything re: any of...