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    ICQ with OSX 10.1.3

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    Yahoo web based mail and 10.2

    Hi guys, I use both Hotmail and Yahoo web-based mail. In OSX Jaguar, and I think back from 10.1.5 too this happens when I try to compose a mail using the web based version. The To, CC, BCC, Subject fields are fine, but whatever you type in the compose pane seems all very dim and a...
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    Java Applets in OSX browsers

    Hi. I was just wondering whether it is true that IE and other browsers do not run java applets properly, for example search functions in the help in macromedia software like Flash MX or Freehand 10. I managed to get these applets to run in Applet Launcher but not in the browsers. Other forums...
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    ICQ with OSX 10.1.3

    Hi fellas, I realised that after installing the update last night, ICQ was working fine, till I tried to add a user to my ICQ list. After which, ICQ just fails to log in. I keep getting the message ICQ has unexpectedly quit. Anyone else facing this problem? Am using ICQ for Classic now...