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    configd fails to start

    Man is this little ibook hosed! The first sign of a problem was the lack of airport and battery icons in the menu bar. Then I noticed that any changes that I make in SystemPreferences / Network fail to be updated. I think I have tracked it down to the fact that configd is not being started /...
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    Removing SMTP servers in

    Hey folks, has the nifty ability to add and select from multiple outgoing mail servers from within Mail preferences. The question is how to remove a server from the list of outgoing SMTP servers once it has been added. Does anyone know how to do this? Harrison
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    Can I use my tiBook as a telephone?

    Hey folks, Any body know if it is possible to use a tiBook as a telephone? Anybody all ready done this? I don't want voice over ip or mass dial capabilities. I just want to be able plug a line into my modem and place normal voice telephone calls. Thanks for the info :-)
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    classic question

    I have a powerbook G4 running a clean install of 10.2.1 without classic installed. If possible I would like to install classic onto this computer without having to reinstall jaguar. I have tried copying the System Folder from the os 9.2 install disk to my harddrive. Once this was done I was...
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    airport on yikes ??

    Hello, Anybody know how to add airport functionality to a powermac g4 400 (yikes)? As it stands I have the yikes wired to the base station which leaves me about 5ft short on the range needed to connect to the computer furthest from the base station. I can't move the computers, and I can't...
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    MIT-SHM question

    I am running 10.2 and have installed XFree86_4.2.0.1-10.2 precompiled as my X server. I need to run enlightenment 16.5 as my window manager from time to time in order to test software that we are working on. Under OS 10.1 SHM was unavailable, but my understanding is that SHM support is built...
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    how do I get colored output in

    I imagine that this is a silly question, but I can't seem to figure it out. I love the colored output in my linux terminals and would like the same on my mac. I have seen several references to turning this feature on in jaguar, but no clear instructions. Any body willing and able to help...
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    nfs question

    Please excuse an nfs newbie question. I am trying to export "/media" on a linux box running RH7.2 to "/Users/mylogin/media on my os X 10.1.5 machine. The command "mount -t nfs linuxserver:/media media" from within my home directory results in a loss of all access to /Users/mylogin/media. ls...
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    how to disable opaque window resizing

    Anybody know how to disable opaque window resizing on a system wide basis in os x? I have googled for an answer and found many references to articles that request this feature, but have not found any way to do this as of yet. Thanks !
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    dhcp breaks Shareing in explorer omniweb

    I recently set up sharing in system prefs to serve up a small web site for use on localhost only. I started sharing, my understanding is that this is really apache, and put my index.html file and others into my Sites directory. I then set my home page in ie and omniweb to be...