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    5% of all Windows installs crash 2 or more times a day?

    it really isnt the os, it is all of those task bar pieces of crap that people install. I take care of my parents typist and once i close all of the crap she has put on her computer, it works pretty decent. With them turned on, it crashes every two seconds.
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    New BackUp=pissed at apple

    If you use an external cd/dvd burner, do not download the update to backup. They threw in "External drives are not supported" Send in feedback to apple so we can change this since i know i am not the only person with an external firewire drive. I think it is crappy that apple is taking...
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    Make sure your webbrowser isnt displaying a cached page. If it still is, try to delete/remove everything instead of overwriting it with new templates. Or just put a password on it and then no one can get into it. Also, if none of that works, let them know of the bug in their system...
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    video chat between mac and pc i can do that one. Just switched to att gsm phone with unlimited night and weekends. i will try the ispq setup as well. maybe that now apple has released ichat av, others will follow suit?
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    iTunes, album art:

    find a program called Clutter. i think it is on sourceforge. It automatically downloads the art and gives you the option to export into itunes. it also lets you drag album covers to your desktop and you can play the album through itunes by clicking on the cd cover..its pretty cool. One...
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    video chat between mac and pc

    Now, i already use ichatav, but i want to be able to chat to my girlfriend who is moving to california in a month while i stay in texas. She just bought a new dell and i have a powerbook as well as a regular pc. What type of programs out will let us video chat? Will regular aim support video...
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    So, what have you downloaded from the iTunes Music Store?

    I think i have downloaded 5 albums, most of which were 16.99 from best buy or more from hastings. I am going to many more since i really dont use cds since i got my ipod and car stereo modifications. Live-Throwing Copper Tori Amos-Little Earthquakes Tori Amos-Under the Pink...
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    Apple just doesn't get it.

    you guys are forgetting that apples retain their vvalue.. Go to ebay and look up a cube. At least 700 at the final price. That computer is 5-6 years old. Find a pc that can retain its value like a mac. Im using a 1.5 year old powerbook and i have no complaints about speed. With a pc, i was...
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    How many GB for the whole Bible?

    Easily. You could do voice down to a couple kb/s instead of 128kb streams. Radio is equivalent to 48kb or something close to that. I would say 1 gb -2gb max.
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    Apple Music Store "Disappointment "

    I have burned cds as well. i think you have to use itunes to burn the cds though. Ugg is right, you can convert aac->mp3, but you do lose a lot of the quality. Heavy C: There is a price break when you download the whole album. $10 per album even if it has 20 songs on it. If the album...
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    Disappointment with the ipod dock

    Anyone else disappointed with the dock? I would prefer to use that for charging so i can update my ipod at the same time, but i dont want to sit at my laptop for hours while the thing recharges. When my laptop goes to sleep, i have to do a hard reset everytime even though i have the firewire...
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    ipod through cars radio

    If i am using it in my truck, i could care less about how elegant something is, even though the ipod is one sexy little thing. I was planning on getting the cigarette adapter anyways since i plan to do a week long bicycle/state park trip where i wont have a computer. Thanks for the comments.
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    ipod through cars radio

    The irock looks cool, but i dont want to constantly put batteries in it sincei t will be for my truck. The itrip looks like it may do what i want. Thanks
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    ipod through cars radio

    I saw a piece of hardware that allows you to play your ipod through your cars fm radio on apples site. How well does this thing work? I know it wont be cd quality, but is it decent? Would you buy one? More specifically, does anyone have it? I wish i bought a car cd player with a line in.
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    Moving stuff from old G4 to new 12inch PowerBook

    try backup. Applications may be easier to reinstall from cds, but if it is documents and preferences, just use back up. I think you can restore everything onto a new computer.
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    iPod shipped!

    I got mine in the mail today..:)...Except i am 250 miles from home...:( This is with standard delivery too.
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    Time Travel

    Im a little rusty with this so bear with me. You guys need to read "Time Travel in Einsteins Universe" by J. Richard Gott. It covers the major types of time travel and the problems physicists have had with the mathematics. The book is a very good read that any level of physics/math...
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    Wireless Mouse

    no offence, but if the mouse is straining your arm, you need to get away from the computer once in awhile. If you play games, you may not want one. When i played warcraft 3, it zapped the batteries much quicker. I have an intellimouse explorer. I like it alot. My mom has a kensington...
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    Pocket Tanks...Wooo Hoooo!!!

    toast: if you do, let us know when it is finished. I would like that too...hehe