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    Mac Pro Built-In Battery Longevity

    Hi all, I want to get a new Mac Pro Laptop (17") with the built in battery. Does anyone know what happens if you want to run it on mains mostly? I currently store my powermac G4 12" laptops battery @ 50% detached from my laptop - this I find keeps the battey in good condition for when I...
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    New powermacs...

    Hi all, I am looking to buy a new Powermac - any one have any idea when they are going to be updated? Cheers
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    Its arrived!!! :-)

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    Keychain problems

    Hi, A while ago i updated my installation of Mac OS X 10.4 tiger and after I did it it popped up a message on startup saying that Airport has been upgraded would i like it to use my existing key chain entries bla-bla, so i click "No Change" and i works fine. the problem is thta every time I...
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    Disk defragmentation

    Hi, Does mac os x come with any sort of manual disk defragmentation utility? Many Thanks
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    Safari favourites?

    Does anyone know if there is a way to nest folders in the favourites tab as well as make all the favourites drop down when i click bookmarks? It is quite irritating not to have the bookmarks easily accessible as in IE i havent been able to find a setting for it anywhere in preferences...
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    Pages :-(

    I dont know if this is just me but ive just started to use pages and i must say I am sooo disapointed, theyve tried to make it so simple that there is nothing in it! I mean you cant even select the alignment of the text from the toolbar! It really is lacking unless im missing something? It...
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    XML Development environment for MacOSX???

    Hi Guys, Just started using MacOSX fulltime today and one thing ive noticed strainght away is that there arent any decent XML editors available for the Mac. Do any of you guys know of any XMLSpy or cooktop equivs? Thanks
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    Its arrived!!! :-)

    Well just thought I would let you guys know my PB 12" has arrived today. I am soooo impressed with it, it setup and connected to my wireless network and is sharing the internet connection in about 30secs :-) and ive never used a mac before! Well im very chuffed and just running software...
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    First Mac and Power Book shipped today! Any Tips?

    Hi all, As the title says ive finally made the jump to the Mac platform ( after many heated arguments on here as im sure one or two may remember :D ) My new Power Book 12" should be arriving soon and was just wondering if you guys could list any important tips to get me started? i.e...
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    Speed bumped Power Books?

    Hi Guys, Well its been a while since ive posted here but im now finally ready to buy my first mac and its going to be a power book. Well that is if they speedbump them very soon. Does anyone have any sort of accurate idea as to when that will happen? Im hopping within the next week? Its...
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    iTunes for Windows is amazing :-)

    Just thought i would pop over and say i think the new iTunes for Windows is damn impressive. It is just soooo easy to use and intuitive! Apple really have done their homework on this one. Everything about it is so sweet i mean take ripping for instance it does it so easily and so quickly...
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    LOL this is funny ->

    Hi all, I know i dont post here often but i saw this on a PC forum the other day and pissed myself laughing. You lot will deffo see the lighter side of this. Enjoy :D It is 50MB im afraid but the download is pretty quick for anyone with...
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    HaHa Darkside Switcher! CHECK THIS OUT!

    This is funny guys, clearly also a dig at apple :D :D It doesnt sem to want to work from this forum go here and click the link in the first post its worth it trust me.
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    LMAO check this Switch cartoon out!

    LOL this is funny requires flash 5 plugin to play.
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    New 19" imac's coming

    Looks like there are gonna be 19" Imacs in the 4th quarter.
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    Anyone read this

    Looks interesting New G4 + G5 info.
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    The Register Follow up article Responses to the last article i posted up.