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  1. J

    Google Chrome Desktop Icon

    i have a Mac pro, Running 10.6.8 for my search engine. Today, all of a sudden, a circled #1 appeared on my Google Desktop Icon. What is this for? I'm a dummy when it comes to something like this.
  2. J

    Old Power Mac

    is anyone still using their old Power mac. The one with all the fans? If so, i have a couple gigs of Ram I will send you that i took out of my old one when I trashed it. Just pay the shipping.
  3. J

    Double Icons on desktop

    Hello, I have been away from the Forum for a good while, and if I ever did know how to do this, I have forgotten it and need your help. I am using a Mac Pro, running 10.6.8. I just finished downloading Google Chrome about an hour ago and it is working fine, but I have two Google Chrome Icons...
  4. J

    Desktop Icon Name Vanishes

    I accidentally set my violin music book on my keyboard instead of behind it while practicing, and it somehow caused the name of one of my folders to disappear, leaving a double row of slashes where the name was. How can I put the name of the folder back? I have a Mac Pro, Running 10.6.8
  5. J

    Desktop Icon

    I have a Mac Pro running Snow Leopard. I just installed Photoshop Elements 6. The Icon is on the desktop. I would like to have it on the Dock. I tried to drag and drop it, but had no success. If I ever did know how to do this, I have forgotten it in my old age. Please refresh my memory on...
  6. J

    Disc Conversion

    I know this is probably a silly question, but is there any way to convert a 32 bit program to a 64 bit? Thank You.
  7. J

    Update 10.6.3

    I installed update 10.6.3 about an hour ago. My computer seems to be about twenty percent faster than before. Have any of you experienced this, or is it just my imagination? I have a Mac Pro 2x2.66.
  8. J

    Repair Permissions

    I ran a Permissions repair check, and received the readout : SUID File System/Library/Core left as is,will not be repaired. In Red Letters. What is a SUID FILE? I am using a Mac Pro, running 10.6.2
  9. J

    This Might Be helpful To Someone.

    I got wiped out by a lightning strike to my cable, and had to re-install Leopard. The first three attempts failed. After about five minutes into the installation, I would get a pop up saying INSTALLATION FAILED, COULD NOT COPY. I took the disc out and noticed there were some small dirty...
  10. J

    Opening PC Attachments With Snow Leopard

    Since upgrading to 10.6, What do I need to install, to be able to open PC Attachments? Thank You.
  11. J

    Startup Time

    I have a 2.66 Mac Intel, running 10.5.7, and noticed the startup time from the chime is 28 seconds. Is this about right? Just wondered what you guys were getting. I know it doesn't make much difference, just curious.
  12. J

    What is This?

    I am using a Mac Pro, running 10.5.6. A couple of days ago, four little straight bars appeared under my desktop Hard drive Icon. What is this for? As far as I can tell, nothing has been affected, but how can I get rid of these?
  13. J

    Software Update Notification.

    When Apple releases a new software update, my computer has always notified me that the new software is available for update. This has not happened with 10.5.7. I can punch up software update in Systems preference, and Check Now, and it shows the update. Not the Combo, just the update, which is...
  14. J

    PowerMac G5 Startup

    I am having trouble with my 2004 PowerMac again. I can only start it up by holding down the Space Bar. I found this by accident, after trying the C key, and the Pram reset keys, which did not work. What is this an indication of, and can it be fixed? Thank You.
  15. J

    Please Give Me Your Diagnosis

    I have a 2004 PowerMac G5, Running Tiger. The computer will not start up, and I get a blinking light on the Apple Display. There is one blink about every three seconds. I have tried to reset the Pram, tried starting by holding the C Key, etc. What do you think the problem might be? Thank You.
  16. J

    Removing Microsoft

    I am using a Mac Pro, Running 10.5.6 How can I get rid of the The unneeded Microsoft applications and programs?
  17. J

    Photoshop 6 Question?

    I have a Mac Pro with Photoshop Elements 6 installed. All is fine, except I cannot find a way to delete a photo, or drag it to the trash. i see that under "Edit" the "Delete" is not highlighted. Thanks
  18. J

    Sticking Spacebar

    My keyboard Spacebar fails to work half the time. I have switched USB Ports, and changed the plugin connection at the keyboard several times. So far, no luck. Any suggestions?
  19. J

    Restarting The Computer-Leopard

    I have been running Leopard about three weeks, and have installed all the available updates. I notice it does not give me the " Restart Your Computer" pop up after installation, as it did under Tiger. Is this normal?
  20. J

    Mac Pro Maintenance Script

    With a Mac Pro and Leopard, Does the maintenance run automatically at some times, even though the computer is shut down at night?