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  1. DeltaMac

    Use imac as a windows monitor

    The "lightning" marking on the Mac connector means "thunderbolt". If you want to use your 2011 27-inch iMac as an external display, then the only choice is to use Target Display mode. And, that choice also means that the source computer (the one that you want to send video from) must be a Mac...
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    Costly mistake with monitor and MBP

    I would just buy a battery, and replace myself. You're already not in warranty, and the replacement would give you something different to do for a few hours. You can find replacement batteries that should be useful from iFixit, for example, for around $100, maybe $125 or a bit more. Anyway, much...
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    Want to get back to macOS

    You can certainly disagree with me. Although the mini has been sold continuously since 2005, there have been some years when no new model mini was released, so the previous model continued to be sold as new. The mini model released in late 2014 is called a Late 2014 model. That same 2014 model...
  5. DeltaMac

    Want to get back to macOS

    The nvram reset (restart while holding Opt-Cmd-P-R) should allow you to boot to Internet Recovery. Continue to hold those same 4 keys, until you hear the boot chime 2 more times, then immediately move to Option-Cmd-R Review my post above yours. Are you using a wired, or a wireless keyboard...
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    Want to get back to macOS

    There is a 2014 Mac mini, or a 2018 Mac mini. There is no 2015 Mac mini, although yours might have been originally sold in 2015. If you have only ubuntu, and the Mac system is completely gone, you can go back to that by booting to a macOS bootable installer, anything from OS X 10.10 Yosemite to...
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    Query in Mac Excel 2011

    I think you forgot to copy nealt's post completely -- from 4 years ago. Did you have a question that is relevant to this (old) thread?
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    how to always Turn on Verbose Booting on OS 12.3 on a M1 MBP?

    I didn't notice that.... But, then it does appear to me that you might be answering on the wrong thread. The OP here doesn't appear to have any problem with using the terminal. But, the terminal commands (at least one of them) do not seem to work on AS Macs. The real issue for the OP is that AS...
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    how to always Turn on Verbose Booting on OS 12.3 on a M1 MBP?

    OP was asking about enabling verbose boot mode, and wants to know if using that verbose boot setting will actually work after a reboot. So, your post appears to say that you have successfully set verbose mode, using an external boot drive. If so -- Did you then try a restart from that external...
  12. DeltaMac

    Hard drive almost full notification- can't find files

    "no hidden"? There are absolutely hidden files on every Mac. What version of the system are you running? (that keyboard shortcut does not work with El Capitan (OS X 10.11) and older.) You said that you didn't find enough files stored in /Users/me to add up to the space that the folder reports...
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    Hard drive almost full notification- can't find files

    You can show all the hidden folders on your drive. Press Shift-Command-. (period) Press the same Shift-Command-. to re-hide those normally-invisible folders/files
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    Emailing files to a friend

    If your edited JPEG is still a JPEG (check this to make sure), you should not expect a problem viewing an attachment on a standard system. Does your friend get any kind of similar attachments, with no problems, from other people? If you send your jpeg to someone else, do THEY have any...
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    What Song Are You Playing Now?

    We are (at least I am) on page 83, page 66 is from more than 10 years ago :cool: ... Pretty sure others can listen to the same song during that time, and post it here..
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    Apple Music getting could not purchase "null". An unknown error occurred (1010)

    That message is reporting that you might have an issue with your AppleID. You didn't say what you have done... Have you used any other AppleID with iTunes Match (on this same computer)? The message is telling you that you have to wait for 90 days before you can use a different AppleID with...
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    Any way to find the old hostname?

    I like your style...:cool: Its way better than "User's iMac", or similar defaults, eh? I see those exact computer names sometimes. (I do part-time Mac service)
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    Any way to find the old hostname?

    No -- even if you run a terminal app that is stored on another drive, it will simply show you the hostname for the system that you are booted from. You would have to be able to boot to that old drive, if possible. Did you actually change your hostname/network name to customize each Mac system...
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    Cord cleaning

    "microfilm" (?) I think you mean microfiber, right?