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  1. Satcomer word association!

  2. Satcomer word association!

  3. Satcomer word association!

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    [HOW TO] fix issue in Recovery Mode

    I did use it because an app screwed with my audio! I had to find that app, and It wouldn't delete even after I changed it permissions and stop it in Activity viewer! Once after booting into Recovery Mode I was able to repair permissions and finally delete the old hackie that wouldn't delete! The...
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    [HOW TO] fix issue in Recovery Mode

    Read the article [url]]Boot Into Recovery Mode[/url] and use the menu item Disk Utility to Repair Permissions on you main partition! Older hack Intel only hacks seem tomes with m1 different setup! This fixes a great many thing...
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    Associative Development Thread

    Audio stereo quadraphonic
  7. Satcomer word association!

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    Associative Development Thread

    politics war loss
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    What Song Are You Playing Now?

    Sense her passing Olivia Newton-John Dies
  10. Satcomer word association!

  11. Satcomer word association!

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    [HOWTO] How to show your Home library in 10.9

    This still works o my M1 Mac Book Air still too!
  13. Satcomer word association!

  14. Satcomer word association!

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    Associative Development Thread

    women men love
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    What Song Are You Playing Now?

    Well there's my reason why I don't want this thread not die: Jim Steinan Dies and was Great song Writer! Tonight is What it's Means To be Young - Fire Inc.
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    10 Must Have - Mac Applications

    My software is either Universal or Pure Silicon: Diagnose: Etrecheck Pro donationware FTP/SSH: CyberDuck donationware Office replacement: LibreOffice - use the pull-down to choose Silicon version Weather: Mteorologist -Universal in Finder menu pull-down! Steam Radio stations: SomaFM on Mac App...
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    Software is changing

    With the current Mac Pro is last Intel Mac so when that is pushed (I believe this late Fall) and Mac Developers will have to at least Universal or Pure Silicon after that is changed or dead on a Mac1 So Mac Developers have to change or die! Lastly as part time DJ and Administrator in my older...
  19. Satcomer word association!

  20. Satcomer word association!