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    New Intel iBooks at Macworld??

    This is a pretty sweet look to what a intel ibook might look like. I hope it looks something like this in regrad to size. Who knows? Thoughts on this one.....
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    Mac OS X 10.4.3 in Software Update

    IT's finally out! Go to the software update! :)
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    10.4.3 and iChat!! More tabbed chatting etc.

    Well Apple has been busy with updating and what have you. Well I'm still curious if iChat will introduce(finally) tabbed chatting, while adium is a sweet app. I focus more on my aim account then msn or yahoo. Anyhow, this means iChat wins out on many occasions. But did that document sharing...
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    OS X 10.5 "Red Box" to run windows apps natively?

    I found this article while digging for some kind of information on "leopard". I can't find a link to leopard having multiple dashboards, yes people you heard that right it might be a reality in june of 2006. There is also "Red Box" which allows mac users to run windows apps natively and within...
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    Help with Windows Meida Player 9!!!

    Ok this isn't as panic stricken as I'm making it sound. But it's been on my mind for quite awhile. Alright when I stream let's say the Daily Show from comedy central in windows xp i can full screen it. But on the mac's media player 9 I just cannot do this??!?! Is there a applescrpit i can...
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    Steve Jobs possibly running for Governor of California???

    Steve Jobs just might run for the Governor of California! Well maybe, but I think apple users should be able to cast there vote worldwide to elect him if he does run. Kidding of course. But it's quite interesting I wonder what the mac community thinks of this??? :) Here's the link...
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    Manually Turning on the ripple effect aka core image effects

    Alright, I have the developer tools and I'm trying to find out how to manually turn on the ripple effect in dashboard. I understand this will or could slow down my system. But how would I go about doing it???? Thanks.
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    Paris Expo in September 20th to 24th What's next?

    The Paris Expo is coming up any thought as to what steve will show? Tablet Powerbook, The ill fated Powerbook G5(Remember ibm said the G5 chip is small enough and ready to fit into a powerbook..), Video iPod, or nothing at all. Who is going to this by chance? Cause there is a lot of people on...
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    Two Tuesdays in a row!! The apple store is down again! What's new now?? Guesses?

    It's down again! The apple store is gone. In about an hour or less something new is out! Maybe a intel mac! I'm kidding. But what are they upgrading now? Powerbooks maybe? A possiblity or ipod's? I wonder.. :)
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    Hiding the Toolbar in Tiger

    Alright I've been looking around and can't seem to find a third party tool that would let me hide the toolbar. The main toolbar with the apple. It just would be nice in some situations to hide it. Thanks too anyone who helps me find this type of thing. Also, could there be a way to do it in the...
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    New Mac Minis and iBooks support core image?

    I was looking at the tech specs of the new mini's and ibook's. They have updated graphics cards. But they are 32mb's still. They are accerlated ones. So, it looks like they can support core image(ripple effect in dashboard). But I can't tell. Trip to the mac store to find out! :D Any thoughts?
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    Cannot Download iTunes 4.9 or Quicktime

    Well this is quite odd. I cannot download iTunes 4.9 or quicktime from apple's website. I'm sure it's server maintence but could it be there is problems with the software?? Apple may have some bugs or something to this effect. Please responses would be greatly appricated.Thanks
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    Plextor External DVD Drive Problems

    Hey, I was wondering how the heck do I get the Plextor External DVD drive to burn stuff in itunes and disk ulity?? Because I have the latest firmware for it. I'm running 10.4.1. Doesn't make any sense to me at all. It says in system profiler that it's not supported by apple. Does this mean I...
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    DVD Player 4.6.1 update

    In the software update there was some type of problem with playing back dvds. Never expeniced this myself. But have fun everyone and anyone downloading this. :cool:
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    Developer's Kit (intel Mac) information (merged thread)

    Check out think secret It's really interesting, because the intel cds don't boot on other pc configs. It only recgonizes the developer's hardware. Also windows xp dual boots just fine. Just check out and give me your thoughts! Peace! :D
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    Spyware in Tiger?? Please help

    Ok, Somehow my network admin, has kicked me off for having spyware on my mac. But I've read various reports that if there is any type of spyware problem it's rare. I could be wrong. Also, if there is a problem with spyware where would I go to get a decent or good scanner? Also, it might be a...
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    Intel Powermac Developer's Kit Anyone got one?

    Hey, Well in the keynote steve said that the developer's kits with the intel processor in them will be sent out and developer's will get them two weeks from jun 6th. I was curious if anybody ordered one and is planning on getting here. I just would like to see the specs of the hardware.
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    Where can I find the Developer's Kit for Intel?? Anybody seen it?

    Hey, I was wondering if anybody has seen the Develper's Kit for Tiger on Intel?? It's nowwhere to be found... I've looked all over apple's website and found nothing. Thanks for your time
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    Cell Processor used for the next Powerbook???

    Alright, I think that the cell processor could be a possible canidate for the next powerbook. I mean it's a powerpc variant. But the thermal output of the processor is really cool, and probably would not need liquid cooling. Plus, the power is way over 4ghz, the Playstation 3 is supposedly...
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    Trying to fix ipod, 15 gig third generation

    Hi, Well I'm trying to fix a friend's third generation 15gig ipod. It's working, in fact as I type this is charging from my computer. Well I went to apple's website and followed the instructions on how to mount it. Because it has that infamous folder icon with the exlcamtion ponit in it. So...