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    Windows app to view .Mac screensavers?

    I was ALMOST able to convert my entire family to Macs, but there are a couple of holdouts. I put all the latest family pictures on a .Mac screensaver. Is there an app that will let Windows users access those photos as their screensaver? I really don't want to have to resort to uploading to a...
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    suddenly I can't browse the Internet no matter what I do!

    I have one of the last PowerBook G4s... with a dual layer DVD burner. It's been running fine. Yesterday I did something that may have screwed up the machine to the point where it can't browse the Internet no matter what I do. I was trying to fix a problem of the mac not waking from sleep when...
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    problems with new powerbook

    I've got a new PowerBook (w/DL Superdrive) and am having a couple of issues with it I do NOT have with my Mac Mini. 1. when at home I never use the PowerBook screen... I use my 24" Sony DVI screen and switch between the PB and the Mini. So I set the PB to full 1920x1200 resolution for my Sony...
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    .mac sync of Address Book doesn't do groups?

    In what capacity? .Mac syncing or remote viewing?
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    .mac sync of Address Book doesn't do groups?

    So no one here uses .Mac to sync their Address Book?
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    .mac sync of Address Book doesn't do groups?

    When syncing the Address Book among 2 Macs using .mac sync, only the individual entries are transferred, not the groups they belong to. Is this the way it's supposed to work? Why? And when you connect to another user's Address Book remotely, there are no groups there either. What's so...
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    Say hello to iTalk.

    Oh yeah, another thing. Put a slot on top of the cordless base station for your iPod and it doubles as an iPod dock, using it's display for dialing, caller ID, and phone number lookups. Use an iPod Photo and it could show photo caller ID. It could sync with the Mac as usual while it's docked...
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    Say hello to iTalk.

    I'm tired of programming my cordless phone base station with a subset of names that already exist in my Address Book. I already use my Motorola v400 mobile phone with data synced to Address Book via iSync. Now it's time for another product that connects to iSync... your home phone. Apple...
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    using a single DVI monitor w/PowerMac G4 FW800?

    I reset the PRAM and switched DVI cables, then it worked. The cable isn't bad though, as it works on a PC. So it was either the PRAM or the cable connection may have been loose.
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    using a single DVI monitor w/PowerMac G4 FW800?

    You're right, it should, my brother seems to have his working that way. The monitor is working fine as it's also connected to an iBook and an XP machine. I'm thinking though that since it was connected to an ADC display at my Mom's that it won't know about a DVI monitor until it's told about...
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    using a single DVI monitor w/PowerMac G4 FW800?

    I am trying to get a DVI monitor to work with a PowerMac G4 FW800 using the PowerMac's DVI port, but get no video on boot. Do I have to buy the converter to use the ADC port for a single monitor setup?
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    scanning pics into iPhoto with customized date

    Hmm. GraphicConverter did not come on my iBook G4, purchased in January. A look at the features list on the author's site does not indicate that it can do any of the things I need: 1. edit EXIF info in JPG and TIFF files 2. change OS file timestamps 3. context-sensitive Finder functionality...
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    scanning pics into iPhoto with customized date

    I am starting a huge project of collecting all of my family's photos in iPhoto. Sources include various digital cameras (JPEG) and scanned prints of photos (TIFF). (I chose TIFF for maximum uncompressed quality while editing and re-saving.) I want them to all line up in order of date the photos...
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    stopping screen auto-dim

    I've looked everywhere and can't seem to stop my iBook from dimming its screen after a few minutes of the screensaver kicking in. I like watching the screensaver until the display blacks out completely.
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    moving home directory to external drive

    Everywhere I looked on the net explained that moving your OSX home directory to an external drive is simply done by going into Netinfo Manager, finding your username, and changing the "home" property to point to wherever you copied your home directory to (the copy can only be done when you're...
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    Managing Multiple Volumes Of iTunes Music

    Ingenious idea, but I don't think it will work. I routinely move songs from one volume to another, and I don't see how the iTunes database would be updated unless I keep running a full import, which I don't want to do. Also I cannot simply add folders to my library as they will lose all the...
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    Managing Multiple Volumes Of iTunes Music

    I have way more music than will fit on any one hard drive (I even have a 500GB drive) and so the music spans 3 different hard drives. iTunes keeps track of what music is on what drive until I move music from one drive (volume) to another. Then it loses track. Previously when I have done...
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    Initially Blank iChat Window

    I upgraded a G4 1GHZ to Panther and since then when I start iChat it usually displays a completely BLANK iChat window. Only if I delete the shortcut in the Dock and redo it will it come up normal. I would delete iChat and reinstall it but it's the AV version than comes with Panther so I...
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    iTunes .WAV Collection To iPod In .MP3 With Tags

    I have a La Cie external 500GB FireWire-800 drive on which I store all my ripped CDs in .WAV format. Uncompressed, uncompromised, unaffected by codecs that come and go. You can't store tags in a .WAV file but iTunes keeps track of all the song information in its own XML database. My 30GB...
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    storing all user data on an iPod

    I am switching from Windows and as a rule store all my data on an external drive so I can use it on different computers. Can I do this in OSX using an iPod in Firewire disk mode? Where does OSX store all the data files for Address Book, iCal, Mail, etc? Can these files be on a removable...