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    Old iMac OS

    With the way it is now, you could put X.1 on it, but I would highly recommend X.2 if you have it. it is much more refined then X.1 and should still run on 96mb of ram. It has been a while since I installed X.2 so i might not remember correctly, but it might tell you that you need at least...
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    iBook G3, failed logic board, how to recover HD data?

    My fathers didn't seem like it powered on at all either, there was no chime or lights or sounds from it, but it did come on and mount as target mode. just to make sure it is off to start with, it might be a good idea to remove the batter and the power cord and then start from there to make sure...
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    iBook G3, failed logic board, how to recover HD data?

    My father's computer had this demise and although it looked like it didn't turn on, it would still mount as a target disk mode disk, but there was no indication of anything on the monitor. I just turned it on and immediately held down the T key for longer then it normally took to boot up and it...
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    How to miror two Mac Servers

    I think he is asking which services on the server are you trying to replicate/duplicate? does the server provide each user with their user accounts, or is it providing email, dns, websites, etc. His reason for asking this is that even though I don't know what the proceedures would be, I am...
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    Mac OS X Over the Years

    wow, I wish i had that much spare time. i enjoyed looking at it though, thanks.
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    Networked iTunes

    I am not sure about the need for the giganet network. I currently have that speed network so i can't test it, but back when i had a 100 base network i had my music folder on my server and shared to it from my ibook and my desktop computer and i don't remember having any troubles with it...
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    I'm new to Macs so here's a simple one

    basically, yes, classic is OS 9. When the computer is booted in OS 9 it is referred to as OS 9, but when the computer is booted in OS X and running an OS 9 application, that is referred to as the classic environment.
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    1999 iMac needs new video card (i think!

    if this is an iMac from 1999 it should be a G3 with probably the slot loading optical drive. If that is the case, this does not have a changable video card in it anyways. These computers are not worth putting any money into at this point since you can get much more powerful G4 computers, such...
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    Maximum Memory for Mirrored Door G4 1.25

    I have the dual 867 and the official max is 2 gig, which is four 512 sticks. That is what i have in mine running leopard and it does just fine.
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    Powerbook 520c Idea

    The powerbook 520 has a scsi port on it, if it is going to be fairly stationary, would it be possible to find an old scsi hardrive kicking around? if you found one that was like 250mb or 500mb then you could run 7.6.1 on it with all the extensions and have a good stable system to use for your...
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    PHP & MySQL Problem

    so you were giving us false information? also, still the address in this screen capture is starting with a file:// instead of http:// and until you figure that part out no one here will be able to help you out.
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    PHP & MySQL Problem

    When i went to http://icall/~jeff/ it came up with a page not found message after it changed the domain name to so i removed the ~jeff/ portion of the url you gave and it came up with a website for a program called icall for making internet phone calls. is this site...
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    PHP & MySQL Problem

    in the screen captures the address starts with file:// which means that you are going to the file menu and choosing to open a file. instead you should be typing in the address directly into the address field such as http://localhost/~jeff/index.html or and the...
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    PHP & MySQL Problem

    as far as your webserver not displaying the page ... do you have that phpinfo.php file in your ~/Users/Sites/ folder or is it in /Library/WebServer/Documents?
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    PHP & MySQL Problem

    ok, so try this same thing but with only single quote and not double quote inside the $_POST['fname']; sorry i missed this before.
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    PHP & MySQL Problem

    Try this: <?php $fname = $_POST["fname"]; ?> Welcome <?php echo $fname; ?>.<br />
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    Updating to Leopard G4

    I also have the dual 867 with 2 gig of ram and i upgraded to leopard a while ago and have not once been sorry i did. a few years ago i upgraded the video card to a ATI Radeon 9600 Pro/256mb so this might help me out a bit too, but i am running dual monitors off of it and i still have not...
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    How fast of a Mac do I need?

    I have the snow ibook G3/500mhz and with the lower res youtube it would not play the videos smooth at all, it was bad. now that youtube is playing higher res videos it does not stand a chance at all. and this machine has 640mb of ram in it.
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    Ibook G3 500, keyboard not recognized

    I could be wrong about this, but i don't belive that the 500mhz models (either the dual usb or late 2001) were the model that had the infamous logic board issue with the graphics. I believe they were the generation after (or maybe two). I have been known to be wrong before though. My dad's...