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    Launchd info

    when i do single user mode, one of the items that appreas is this phrase: launchd:server284f in bootstrap 1103 uid0 "/usr/sbin/lookupd"[242] exited abnormally : hangup Is this normal for the OS to hangup? i looked around apple support for more info, but did not find anything.
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    Photoshop CS+ Dock Icon file opener

    hello.. after updating to 10.4 i have lost the ability of dragging a file to the dock icon and opening it from there? anyone have a work around for this :(
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    Scheduling Spotlight Workaround

    Hello All.. Does anyone know of a workaround for spotlights indexing (CPU HOG) i would rather not have spotlight slowing me down to a crawl every HR. or so...??