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    What to do with Mac Mini

    I bought a Mac Mini just to learn about this OS. But I'll admit I'm still a hardcore Windows (pc) user. The breadth of software out there still keeps me tied to Windows. Sure I like the Mac, its nice and all but now that I pretty much know OSX and all now, I cant find much use for this machine...
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    Why do ibook g3's still sell for over $350?

    I swear I still these being sold on ebay for over $350. Most arent over 500mhz. Some go over $500 yet the mini mac is much more powerful. Sure I know its a laptop, but its old, as in 1998-2000 old. :rolleyes:
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    OS X wont read a DVD-R burned on a Windows machine?

    I have several DVD-R's with files Ive backed up and such on my Windows machine, but OSX wont read them, why not?
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    How do i make PREVIEW (pdfs) display at fullscreen?

    The only way i can do it is with slideshow but then i have to hit fullscreen then pause it, which is too much trouble. I just want to fullscreen it and then use either my arrowkeys or mousewheel to goto the next page is there an easier way to make my pdf fullscreen, i got some reading to do...
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    Is there a way to prevent the Apple bootup sound

    I'd like to prevent my APple from playing that sound when u turn on the power, is there a way
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    Viewing CHM files on Mac

    How do I view CHM files on Mac?
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    Where can I get IE for Mac?

    I need IE for Mac (for testing, my mac mini didnt come with it) and I cant find it on micro$ofts huge bloated site :(
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    USB microphone compatible with OS X 10.4 ?

    Found out the manufactuer or where you can get a good USB based microphone input device, besides Ebay its only $10 It says "Also found to work in Mac OS X 10.3.7, but without 3D effects software/drivers" Has anyone tried it on...
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    Mouse with 5 buttons

    its a memorex and is just for Windows I guess :( the scroll wheel and middle button work in safari just fine, rightclick works, hmmm well I guess when this mouse dies I'll get one that works on all 3 OS'es i dont think i want to gamble with using another manufactuers drivers, probably...
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    Mouse with 5 buttons

    I've done a search for this first but is there anyway I can get my buttons 4 and 5 to work in OS X? I'd like mouse-button 4 to work as a back button and 5 as forward in several applications (Finder and web browsers) I've done a google but it seems the only choice is some kind of USB software...
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    How to set Finder's window to come up a certain size

    This is something that really bugs me I ALWAYS have to resize finder the the size I want and it never remembers it. Is there a way to fix this?
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    desktop recording software to make videos

    Is there a Free program I can use to record video of my desktop in Mac OS X?
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    Best ways to Tweak OS X?

    yah i did mean software wise
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    Best ways to Tweak OS X?

    I just downloaded tinkertool, but what other things can I do to optomize OS X? I've searched google and these forums, and I didnt find much
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    ftp in OS X (do newer version decode and encode)?

    as it will only display txt files fine but if you ftp a EXE or a JPG or something it will let you FTP it but when you try to run it or view it, it wont work. Something to do with MIME or something
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    ftp in OS X (do newer version decode and encode)?

    I have an old OS X bible book (version 10.1) and it states that OS X doesnt encode decode binary files. I was wondering if the new versions of OS X do this automatically now ?
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    updated stuffit and it gave me version 7?

    I was using stuffit for a file and it said I should upgrade so I said yes to download it and when I ran it, it put me back on 7.0 :( I dont know how to get back to 9.0 which is what I had