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    G4 Error code

    Hello all, My G4 running OSX 10.3.9 has started locking up several times a day. I tried all the usual software troubleshooting to no avail, so I ran the Apple Hardware Test disk that came with my G4. The logic board test failed (yikes) with error code scc/3/7. I replaced the battery and...
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    Start up disk problem

    I am using a G4 running OSX 10.3.9 that will not boot on my second drive or the original G4 install CDs. I have tried Startup Disk and holding the C while staring up. Both ways the screen comes on a dull gray and stays that way indefinately. Permissions seem ok and I ran disk repair. Could...
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    Please help G4 modem

    Hello, I have been using my Mac to fax for ten years without a problem, then I upgraded to a G4 running OSX 10.3.9. I cannot find a solution that will work. I have tried the internal modem, my old Global Village modem on a serial card, Pagesender, and Faxstf. I cannot seem to find any...
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    G4 Modem Problem

    Hello, I just bought a G4 running OSX 10.3.9. The modem does not work. System Profile sees it and it reports the following: Modem Model: Spring Firmware Version: APPLE VERSION 0005, 11/11/1999 Country: 22 (United States, Canada, Guam, Hong Kong, India, Latin America, Philippines...