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    Needed programer with some spare time

    If I help, what's in it for me?
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    cout and cin

    I dunno if this has anything to do with it, but I was at the Fizzilla (Mozilla on MacOSX ) website where they claimed that there were "problems" with the g++ compiler in MacOSX. Hopefully this will get fixed.
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    newbie #include<...> question

    Every one learns this somewhere along the line. There is no fundamental difference between c and c++. C++ is an enhancement to c. I'm not that knowledgeable about c so i apologize in advance for my errors. You want to output something to the screen, so you write "cout<<"Hello World";". When...
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    Build errors

    I have tried doing several of the cocoa demos form the apple web site, but I keep getting build errors: /usr/bin/ld: Warning -F: Directory name (/(path to project)/build/ProjectHeaders) does not exist. This has been driving me crazy for weeks. Any help in this matter would be greatly...
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    Filesharing with Windows?

    the .DStore files are put there by OSX, not Samba or sharity. You are just seeing system files which are usually hidden by the finder. Just ignore them and don't try to open or delete them.
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    Running sendmail, procmail, pop3d, and pine

    to use sendmail as an outgoing mail server just give "localhost" as your outgoing mail server. That way will use sendmail to send mail thus. I don't know how to get it to act as an incoming mail server. This just allows me to send mail from behind a firewall. If you go to...
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    newbie #include<...> question

    On OSX using g++ (gcc) you have to put an endl; after every write in order to flush the buffers. Your iostream.h is fine. you just have to do an endl. You can copy and paste the code from you book into your program, just terminate all output, whether to a file or stdio, with endl; I did some...
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    nothing new, no life. death. death. dying....... gone.
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    Disk Image?

    That did it! Thanks. And thanks to Simeon Leifer for ImageMaker - 1.1a
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    Disk Image?

    How do I make a disk image of my program so I can distribute it over the internet? Yes, I know I can use package maker, but disk images are cool.
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    cocoa help please

    hey, that's pretty darn cool. Thanks, rharder.
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    Running sendmail, procmail, pop3d, and pine

    That's it. Sendmail starts automatically now! thanks.
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    cout and cin

    putting an endl; at the end of each cout causes a newline character to be output to the buffer and it causes the buffer to be flushed. You could do a newline character and a flush to accomplish this but just doing an endl is a lot easier.
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    cout and cin

    I did some somewhat complex (500 lines of code) programs for my advanced data structures class using g++ on the command line in OSX. As long as I ended each line of code that contained a cout with an endl; everything compiled and ran fine. Without the endl... trouble. You should be able to take...
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    Project Builder and MacOS9

    I don't know if this is a silly question or not but..... Is there a way to compile apps (carbon apps i suppose ) using the Project Builder from OSX that will run in OS9? Am i missing something?
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    cout and cin

    I know that with g++ you have to flush the buffers after each cout<< or it won't work right. Try: cout<<"some stuff to output: "; cout<< endl;" cin>>get; I think it has something to do with the integration of the macos and bsd, but i don't really know.
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    Running sendmail, procmail, pop3d, and pine

    I've been trying to get sendmail to start as a daemon automatically on reboot for two days and I haven't got it yet. I just want to run sendmail as an outgoing mail server because they have forwarding disabled on the Exchange sever at work. I can start the daemon manually on reboot using...
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    OK, so I messed around with project builder and got a kewl little project to compile and run. So, how do I change the Icon on the executable. I tried messing around with IconComposer, but no success. I don't get it. Help please?
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    Unix File System

    Riser for OSX would be nice. If Oracle ports to OSX (8i anyone?) it could be really improtant to have a journaling FS, otheriwise, I don't know how important it really is. Personally I would rather have them do better documentation on the development methods and tools.