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    web browser gfx

    I've been going in and out of the Mac platform (as far as general use and acomplishing actual work) and I've had a nice list of complaints and annoyances about OSX. Most of them have been addressed in Panther. But there's this one thing that still bothers me and keeps me from having even the...
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    Applecare question

    I know this is not the right forum for this type of question but I didn't know anywhere else to put it. And it does kinda have to do with a Mac system I bought. I bought AppleCare when I purchased my iBook, tried to enroll online but it didn't work out so I just filled out the card and mailed...
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    Flash movie caused kernel panic?

    When a transparent grey screen drops down over everything, and in big white words it tells me I need to restart my machine and in 5 different languages (and one universal hand gesture for when something goes wrong) that's a kernel panic right? I was in the middle of loading a web page when it...
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    Quick Software Restore question

    I hope I can get this answered in the next few minutes because I'm about to do a complete reinstall of my brand new iBook. Out-of-the-box it's already using up 10 GBs of this 40 GB hard drive. I saw XCode, I played with Garage Band, those are very important apps for me right now, the rest can...
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    Alright I caved

    This one is for Hulkaros, Viro, and ElDiablo... I was talking with my girlfriend (yes, I'm actually quite personable) today and hinted at wanting to get back into the Mac platform. I tried my best to describe to her most of my computing career, how I've gone back and forth on and off the Mac...
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    Car with built in Mac

    A friend of mine in another forums likes to work on his car. His latest endevour involves installing a Mac laptop into his car's dashboard. The purpose of this is for GPS and navigational software. Pictures included below in his post (no...
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    [HOWTO] - Mouse wheel horizontal scroll

    (if this is very common knowledge, forgive me, I'm a recent re-switcher) So you went out and bought a 2 button mouse, and it has a scroll wheel. Works fine for scrolling vertically but how do you scroll HORIZONTALLY? Hold down the SHIFT key on your keyboard and use the scroll wheel as...
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    Motorola's PowerPC 7457 for $5046.96

    The Link: The article has a somewhat non-serious tone, and it doesn't seem to mention volume pricing. This is one of those times I wish this is just an exaggeration by TheRegister because I'm hoping for a PB update soon to buy an old model...
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    OSX Themes - replace Aqua

    If this has been posted before, sorry. I downloaded the Mercury theme from And this is what it looks like small screenshot Full size screen shot
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    Airport: restrict by MAC address

    I've read reviews of wireless base stations from the PC side that allow an admin to strict access based on supplied MAC addresses of wireless cards. I was wondering if the same can be done with an Airport(Extreme) base station and if so how? I just received and setup my Airport gear last night...
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    My article got published

    I was asked to write an article for OSNews about Qt/Mac.
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    Has anyone else downloaded and tried the new Qt lib Trolltech released for OSX? I did and it compiled nicely, but I had to do one little thing to get it to work. I'll ellaborate on that if anyone is interested. Andways, my problem is in regards to actually building some Qt apps. I create a...